Spoon packs San Diego’s Belly Up Tavern to capacity

Heading to Solana Beach’s Belly Up on a weeknight felt almost nostalgic… I hadn’t done it since the pre-COVID era. Despite having work in the morning, one of my favorite bands from my high school and college years was coming to town and it was simply unacceptable to miss. Spoon… the last time I saw this band, they opened up for Death Cab at the Embarcadero in 2006.

16 years later, it was finally time for me to see this utterly underrated band again.

As I walked into the already crowded venue (apparently, this show sold out in five minutes…?), I was immediately captivated by the low lights and crazy sounds coming from the opening band onstage. In my flurry to get to the show on time, I had completely overlooked who the opener was and, to my unbelievable pleasure, it turned out to be Geese! I can’t tell you how many playlists I have Geese songs on. What a wonderful double-header of alternative music this night had become!

After Geese obliterated the stage, I stood at the front awaiting the main men to come on, completely surrounded by Spoon super-fans. Shoutout to the two ladies I met wearing homemade bedazzled Spoon shirts! As the lights dimmed, Spoon took the stage to “Held” off their new album, Lucifer on the Sofa (in which I purchased that night to add to my signed vinyl collection), followed by fan-favorite “Don’t You Evah”. The whole place was singing. A blur of shredding guitars and indie rock screams into the microphone later, it was the end of the night and Spoon thanked the crowd as they exited the stage. Time flies when you’re having the time of your life, I guess?! Till next time, Spoon, for this show was definitely worth the wait!

Photography by Kristy Rose

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