Steve Miller Band captivates Costa Mesa, California

The mystifying and magical music of the Steve Miller Band is undoubtedly the concert tour where your longstanding wishes will come true. Abracadabra!! Artists with the experience and long-standing musical excellence of Steve Miller and his band are scarce, not to mention that his songs have become a pillar of our American culture. 

Steve Millers’ presence on the American music scene started in San Francisco, when in 1966, he formed his namesake band.

As he honed his psychedelic blues and rock-n-roll sound, his records sold in the tens of millions around the globe. Miller’s Greatest Hits 1974–1978 is one of the 25 bestselling albums of all time! Miller’s talented guitar training came from God himself… as in Les Paul, who is his Godfather. If Les Paul taught you how to play guitar and you’re a brilliant singer-songwriter, well, you are kind of destined for greatness.

In the 1970s, Steve Miller had hit after hit; among the many he performs, I am sure you will love singing along to “The Joker”, “Take the Money and Run”, “Rock’n Me”, “Fly Like An Eagle”, “Jet Airliner”, “Jungle Love”, “Swingtown” and “Abracadabra”… To this day, these songs are instantly recognizable when heard. It is impossible to not take part in Steve Miller Band songs! Steve Miller Band karaoke?! Oh yeah, hand me the microphone!! Now that we’ve established the cliff-note background on Steve Miller, let me share that his Costa Mesa concert was nonstop entertainment.  

With a new song came a new guitar and with a new guitar came a great story! 

My personal favorite was hearing how Les Paul would not just give Miller one of his guitars, he in fact had to earn it. Miller shared how working for what he has now, like his beloved Les Paul guitars, which has made him extremely humble and grateful. It was so touching when he thanked the crowd for allowing him to do what he loves. I love when artists stop playing to engage their fans; talking with fans allows us to feel a special connection to artists and gives us the opportunity to share that connection with our friends and family.

Steve Miller has a unique way of keeping his crowds engaged, too. The band had their signature Pegasus logo behind them, but besides the two jumbo screens on each side of the stage, no digital theatrics distracted the audience from the show. If anything, the closeness of the guitarists playing together amazed the audience even more than any bright flashing lights or a music video playing in the background. Steve Miller Band offered genuine music that brought together a variety of different people and a good time for everyone.  

It is safe to say that the Steve Miller Band knows how to put on a great and authentic show.  Sitting in the audience made you feel like you were in the mid 70s in the original recording studio, listening to them record hit songs for the first time. Every song had people on their feet, dancing and singing. When the band walked offstage and the crowd thought the show had ended, the band came back out for an encore and played their hit song “The Joker”! What an appropriate finale, Steve!

Whether you’re listening to Steve Miller Band on vinyl, digitally or live, his unquestionable talent shines through. Listen to me — stop talking, stop wishing and get your hands on some Steve Miller Band tour tickets!

Photography by Stacey Shorr

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