Stick Figure’s Smoke Signals Tour lights up Cocoa Beach, FL

The Smoke Signals Tour 2022 with Stick Figure, Collie Buddz, Iya Terra and The Elovaters is setting the world on fire with some of the best reggae music from some of the top reggae rock bands altogether. Stick Figure showed up to Cocoa Beach with Collie Buddz and Iya Terra, and the fans traveled from all over Florida for this show — some even following around for all the Florida shows! This lineup is that good. The Florida rain came and left just in time for the gates to open, letting the crowd fill up the beautiful venue right on the water, ready for a mindblowing night of music. 

Iya Terra was first up… it was like starting the show with a headliner band.

Iya Terra is blowing up in the reggae scene, creating amazing music and hitting the stage with tons of energy. Check out the latest album Ease & Grace if you haven’t already. Lead singer Nathan Feinstein also has his own clothing line called Crossed Heart Clothing and the bass player Nick Loporchio has his own music, if you haven’t streamed it yet. 

Collie Buddz was next up and before he even hit the stage, the crowd’s energy was high. Clouds of smoke were blowing into the air as fans danced to the beats. The Collie Buddz fanbase is always strong — no matter where you go — and when Collie puts his mic out to the crowd, it’s amazing to see everyone singing along. With the crowd singing his lyrics, you can see Collie’s smile to the back of the venue and feel the energy. He normally brings a fan up onstage during his set that knows his lyrics and this guy did an awesome job jumping all over the stage, singing the lyrics. He then passed the mic to a girl in the front row! Collie grabbed people’s phones for live videos from his view and kept the interaction going through his entire set, leaving the fans screaming for more.

The fans went wild screaming for Cocoa the Tour Dog as she led Stick Figure onto the stage.

Cocoa is not just a dog on the stage, she is a performer herself and the fans love her. Stick Figure started to play, mesmerizing the crowd as fans sang along, danced and gazed with jaws open, watching the light show and listening to the beautiful music. They had special guests T.J. O’Neill, Collie Buddz and Nathan from Iya Terra join for few songs, too! As the band performed, Cocoa was hanging out onstage, playing with her new toys that fans had tossed up to her or the balls bouncing across the stage, but when it was time for her part, she did not miss it. Scott Woodruff, T.J. O’Neill, KBong and Tommy Suliman joined together in the middle of the stage, along with Cocoa in the middle.

At one point, Woodruff asked everyone to put up their phone flashlights and the place lit up from front to back for a magical moment. KBong has an insane amount of energy and towards the end, his contagious energy had everyone jumping around the stage. Make sure you follow along to Stick Figure as Woodruff and his touring members make some of the best reggae music and do yourself a favor, go see them live! As always, big ups to Deuterman Productions for always bringing the best events around Florida! It was an amazing, unforgettable night and Florida reggae fans can’t wait for these bands to be back. 

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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