Sullivan King brings Throne of Blood tour to San Diego

It was a headbangers ball at Soma San Diego on April 8th thanks to Sullivan King’s Thrones of Blood Tour, in support of his respective album Thrones of Blood. The metalcore master himself brought along a crew of likeminded artists to round out a full evening at the popular Point Loma venue. Vastive, Benda, and Grabbitz joined the King for an outRAGEous night. 

The audience packed the house early in the evening, eager to be back in the concert scene, dressed to impress, and copping all the merch as Sullivan King’s is known for its quick sellouts. At the stroke of 9, Vastive began his explosive set and the lobby quickly emptied into the main stage. The ability for his music to pull in the crowd shows for how incredible his performance was. His ability to bring in his fantastic new music sprinkled with some metal fan favorites the audience could sing along to is honestly unmatched.

At one point, the entire room was actually head banging in unison.

I could not see a single person going against this motion. It was absolutely unreal and it put Vastive at the top of the radar! 

Benda is not a name you might have heard but he’s another artist that you absolutely must watch this year. This Israeli-American DJ/Producer kept the party alive and well, giving the crowd those deep wall crumbling wubbs they came for. It’s clear when an audience is receiving an artist well, especially if there are many moments of hoots and hollers when the beat drops! Although he is only in his early twenties, he brings a style that brings us back to that OG dubstep that started it all in the 2011 era. Benda is not one to miss on your summer 2023 festival circuit this year. 

Next up was Grabbitz, an incredible DJ, producer and vocalist on the heavy EDM (currently) best known for his smash hits “Die for You” with VALORANT and “Someone Else” with Rezz. These two hits put him on the map and opened the doors for an ever-growing fanbase. When he took the stage, it was clear the building was completely packed to the back and Grabbitz was not just an opener here. What makes him such a fan favorite is a unique immersive live experience including tons of vocals and of course jumping in the crowd once or twice. When his set was finished the audience was anxiously waiting for their King to arrive on stage (while singing Shania Twain to stay alive between the short set switch). 

When Sullivan King’s (hilariously awesome) pre-show recording started, the entire audience was immediately entranced and quiet (minus those WOOS and laughs and the new dad jokes he was screaming between his infamous f-bombs). When appeared on stage the audience roared as they were ready to rage with the master. The audience was connected in the giant dark room as Sullivan King played every inch of the stage that he could. With two giant platforms raised up to the very top corners of the stage gave him a perch to shred away his guitar and see his people all the way to the back of the room. Headbangers united for the wide array of songs played from his discography, including insanely well received hit “Fall Apart” and “Someone Else” (not the Grabbitz/Rezz song, same name though). 

Sullivan King, Grabbitz, Benda and Vastive are all incredible acts to watch for on your summer 2023 live music plans! Whether its a festival or a show at your local venue, you won’t want to miss out. If you haven’t already, check out Sullivan King’s album Thrones of Blood asap! 

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