The Elovaters brought reggae vibes to Old Rock House, St. Louis

Under the shadow of The Gateway Arch at the Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO, Boston boys The Elovaters continued their tour in promotion of their insanely good new album, Castles, lighting up the stage with a night of soulful reggae music, keeping the vibes flowing and the booties bumpin’ all night long.

The night started out with support from local Roots Rebel Austin Grimm, making his way back home for a brief little solo mission to play a few acoustic jams for a crowd that was primed for some wonderfully chill tunes. Strumming out some well done covers, a few Roots of a Rebellion tracks, as well as new Austin Grimm originals, the solo guitarist — using his six strings and his vibrant vocals — had the crowd ready for the main event.

The Elovaters then took over for the night and, let me tell you, they are no joke!

From epic funky bass lines to smooth guitar riffs and silky vocals, even to the break for a little (or more!) cowbell, these boys know how to keep a crowd moving. Not one foot was left untapped by nights end; not one set of hips had lied. The Elovaters spent this past August 18th in The Lou and virtually guaranteed that these fans will not let them forget to come back.

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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