The Floozies fills Chicago’s House of Blues with the finest electro-funk

One recent Saturday night in the heart of Chicago, The Floozies came to get funky. The iconic House of Blues played host to a performance by one of the industry’s favorite dance musicians. For a decade now, this dynamic duo — consisting of the talented brothers Matt and Mark Hill — have been gracing stages with their unique brand of electro-funk.

Their story is one of brotherly camaraderie and musical passion.

Hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, the brothers have been on a tear. Mark found his own musical path inspired by Matt’s early start in the industry, playing music at fairs when he was just 12 years old. Together, their chemistry as siblings and musicians is now showcased for the world to enjoy in the form of The Floozies. 

What sets The Floozies apart is not just their grooves and melodies, but also their unique approach to marketing and music distribution. Unlike many artists chasing the next big hit, The Floozies have taken a different route, making all of their albums available for download on their website with a “name your price” option. Their focus is on reaching people and building a loyal fanbase, valuing the connection with their audience over a quick buck.

Chicago was treated to fan-favorites like “Denim” and  “Hot Guy Alert”; the general admission floor started to bounce as fans synchronized with The Floozies’ thunderous beats. 

These guys don’t simply stand behind a DJ booth, like so many similarly styled shows.

The brothers treated Chicago attendees to live drums, guitar, synthesizers — all set to an incredible light show. They have meticulously crafted an experience for fans from all walks of life at all different ages. Seriously, The Floozies boasts one of the industry’s best production teams in the scene. An incredible array of lights dances along to the methodically themed music, taking the show to another level for fans.

And the setlist did not disappoint. The Floozies highlighted several songs of their new album Porty Hord, which came out in 2023. Their transitions between sets were seamlessly appetizing, too. Elongated pauses into bass drops sliding right into the next song was a top-tier crowd pleaser. Unrelenting bass movement from the House of Blues’ incredible sound system and acoustics made fans feel like they were a part of the music. 

Kicking off the evening were industry up-and-comers MZG and BUKU. Both artists set the tone for the evening by bringing their own brands of funk and dance that could be heard beyond the four walls of the venue, even off of Ohio Street in downtown Chicago! 

For anyone who missed out on this unforgettable night, fear not. The Floozies continue to tour throughout 2024 with memorable venues along the way, like Red Rocks in September and a pitstop for the Element Music & Arts Festival in Long Pond, PA. Their shows typically sell out quickly due to their long-standing reign in a deeply saturated market, so get your tickets while you can if they’re headed to a town near you! 

Chicago’s mighty dance-funk fans will not soon forget this incredible performance.

If you’re new to the genre, The Floozies are the absolute best group to get your feet wet. Head over to their website, snag their new album, throw on your headphones, and fade into the abyss that the Hill brothers have constructed just for you. 

Photography by John Bender

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