The Movement sells out yet another night in St. Petersburg

On Saturday April 30th, The Movement came back to St. Petersburg’s Jannus Live again for yet another sold-out show, alongside reggae rock’s finest, Pacific Dub and Seranation. It was sold-out long in advance and fans showed up early, trying to catch the bands before the show.

Everyone was hyped for the night to begin and you could feel the excitement.

Seranation, being a local band and the opener of the place, was packed right off the bat. This band is full of energy, from jumping all over the stage doing backflips to even crowd-surfing on a real surfboard while singing. They also offer amazing music that gets everyone singing along; they’re definitely a band you need to see in person and check out when you can. Pacific Dub was up next, coming from California with some sweet reggae vibes that got everyone dancing. The place was slammed full by this point, with everyone singing and dancing together moving as one. Pac Dub is another great band you need to see for yourself.

The place was just going wild by time The Movement came out.

This band is one of my all-time favorites: they have always made amazing music from day one, then took the whole reggae screen by storm with the album The Ways of The World in 2019. More recent bangers by The Movement are “No Worry”, “Sounds of Summer” (featuring Slightly Stoopid) and “Mountain” with Clinton Fearon. Gary Dread stepped off the drums and joined Rick Haze for a few hits, too! It was an epic night of music, as The Movement finished off the night by bringing all the bands back out onstage so everyone could jump around to “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Jay from Seranation did a massive backflip off the stack of speakers, leaving everyone’s jaws dropped speechless from such an epic show. Anytime any of these bands come to a city near you, you need to jump on some concert tickets before they sell out. !e can’t wait for another night back at Jannus Live!

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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