The “Queen of Queer”elates in Los Angeles

It was a beautiful night of fabulous music and loving community at the opening night of Fletcher’s sold-out two-night run at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on March 2nd. Opening for the “Queen of Queer” was Los Angeles transplant Amelia Moore and Australian singer/drummer G-Flip, both showcasing their powerful voices and mad musical talents. This being Amelia Moore‘s second live show ever, she proved to us that she’s an upcoming force to be reckoned with. In addition to their insane vocals, G Flip showcased their mad drum skills when the lights went down and killed it with glowing drumsticks and a light-up drum kit as they launched into Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. The beautifully talented Lauren Sanderson also joined G Flip onstage to sing their daring new single, “GAY 4 ME”.

The vintage Fonda Theatre was packed; an anxious crowd was ready as Fletcher’s drummer and guitar player took to the stage in a make-shift shipping container. As the sick beat to her latest single “girls girls girls” began, Fletcher appeared from above and the crowd went wild! Fans were ecstatic and screaming, much like those at an Elvis Presley show in Vegas, as a pair of lime green thong panties launched from the pit onto the stage. She picked them up — smiling from ear to ear — and twirled them around on her finger as she finished up her song.

This was just the first of many pairs of panties to hit the stage!

After saying hello to the screaming crowd, Fletcher expressed her love and gratitude to her father as she introduced him to the masses. The stage lights shot up to the balcony, where her father stood proudly for a round of applause as the masses chanted “Mr. Fletcher!” over and over.

Before launching into the next song, Fletcher shared how she drove past the venue a couple times to check out the vibe. She paused carefully and said she thought to herself, “Wow… there is going to be the longest, queerest line wrapped around that building!” The crowd lost their minds.

Fletcher also disclosed the anxiety and doubt she experienced before heading on the road for her sold-out tour. She spoke candidly about how she questioned her music over the last three years and if she should even continue. Standing center stage, she expressed that it’s not until moments like this with fans that she realizes how much she loves it all and that this is what she should be doing.

Fans were not disappointed with a full 18-song setlist, with favorites like “If You’re Gonna Lie”, “All Love”, “Undrunk”, “If I hated You”, “Feel”, “Sex (With My Ex)” and “Shh… Don’t Say It”. People across the pit were waving signs, begging for Fletcher to “Sign My Tits”. Between songs, she asked the crowd if they minded if she took a break to honor a few reqeusts. The house lights went up as she happily obliged sign-holders with autographs until her Sharpie ran out! Her final song of the set, performed for the first time live, was her recent mega-hit, “Bitter”.

But, the sold-out crowd, some of whom had waited outside for 5+ hours, wanted an encore! Fletcher graciously took center stage with an acoustic guitar for a sincere and lovely tribute with the unreleased song, “For Cari”. Her fantastic band returned to the stage and closed the night with the introspective single “Healing”. All in all, Fletcher put together a beautiful night of LGBTQIA+ accepting musicians for a fantastic night!

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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