Third Eye Blind shows Mountain View, CA how’s it going to be

On Saturday, June 15th, Third Eye Blind played their very first show at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Singer Stephan Jenkins posted to the band’s Instagram account that even though he grew up in Palo Alto and frequently went to this venue, this was the first time for the band to play here — it felt very significant to him.  I, myself, have been to many Third Eye Blind shows and it was evident that this one was really special; it was definitely a favorite for me! 

Stephan spoke to fans on the grass area a few times that night saying, “How are you guys on the lawn? That is where I would be when I would see shows here.” He really seemed truly humbled to be playing in Mountain View, was so appreciative of the turnout, and said that the past two years have been the biggest-selling tours of their career.  

But before the main men, the evening began the electropop of A R I Z O N A… from New Jersey. 

The audience loved hearing well-known songs such as “Cross My Mind”, “What She Wants”, “Oceans Away”, and “Nostalgic”. A R I Z O N A closed their set with “Freaking Out”.

Next up was Yellowcard, currently consisting of the lead singer Ryan Key, lead guitarist Ryan Mendez, bassist Josh Portman, and violinist Sean Mackin. Key explained that the band broke up in 2017 and that, for many reasons, they didn’t know whether or not they’d ever get the chance to play and perform together again. He said that they were so grateful to be back. Yellowcard then treated the audience to many of their most popular songs, including “Lights and Sounds”, “Only One”, “One Bedroom”, “Childhood Eyes” (the title track to their new EP), “Be the Young”, “The Hurt is Gone”, among many others. Of course, they played crowd-favorite “Ocean Avenue” last, to which everyone sang along.  

Anticipation was high at this point, as it was time for Third Eye Blind! 

Colin Creev was the first one onstage, teasing the opening song on keys. The rest of the band came out to longtime fan-favorite “Motorcycle Drive By”, prompting the crowd to go wild! The whole show from then on was a giant sing-along, as the band played hit after hit, including a really awesome cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”.

Jenkins let the audience know how appreciative the band was for everyone being there for such a special show, encouraging attendees to say “hi” and introduce themselves to people they didn’t know. The band continued the show with favorites such as “Narcolepsy”, “Kids Are Coming”, “Wolf Like Me/Company of Strangers”, “Graduate”, “Wounded”, “Weightless/Faster/Waterlanding”, ”Losing A Whole Year”, “Shipboard Cook”… AND THEN, I knew something special was about to happen as they set up chairs at the very front of the stage with a small drum set for Brad. I got my cell phone ready to record a video and then it happened…the one song I was dying to hear live and it was the MOST BEAUTIFUL rendition of “The Background”. 3eb if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!! That song gets me everytime — it’s just so beautiful. 

The band went on to play “Mine”, “Palm Reader”, “Blinded”, “Slow Motion”, “Jumper”, “Semi-Charmed Life”, “Crystal Baller”, “How’s It Going to Be”, and “God of Wine”. And just when you thought they were done, Stephan decided we had earned “Bonfire”. Jenkins sang this one on his own as the rest of the band stood behind him, clapping to the beat.  The audience began humming along as they all walked off the stage… it was the most beautiful ending. I know I always say that if you get a chance, go to the show, but seriously… GO TO THIS SHOW! Third Eye Blind is on fire! Don’t miss it.  

Photography by Sara Taylor

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22 days ago

Breathtaking photos! Amazingly written article! Appreciate the great work so much! 🙂

15 days ago

Fantastic photos! 3EB knows how to put on an incredible rock show for their loyal fans. I’m going to see them on Sunday and I’m just bursting with excitement lol. These pictures will hold me over until then 🥰

12 days ago

Love the photos and article! We were at red rocks, sooo good