Trapt takes Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock by storm

On March 19th, hard rock and nu metal band Trapt hit the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, well HARD. The famed rock band was supported by opening bands IRE, Drown the Deep and 9Sundays.

The crowd was a lot of fun for every band that played!

Once IRE, Drown the Deep and 9Sundays did their part to get the heads bangin’ and people moshing’, it was time for the main event. Trapt took the stage and, right from the start, the audience was stuck, transported back to the early 2000s when Trapt took over everyone’s radio. The band played a slew of fan favorites, but nothing was more cathartic than when Trapt launched into their 2002 hits, “Headstrong” and “Still Frame”. They even played a couple of extra songs at the end as the crowd chanted “encore”… I would definitely recommend seeing Trapt live!

Photography by Brandon Soto

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