Treaty Oak Revival fills up Fresno with wild country energy

A loud, rowdy, energetic and in-your-face show is what Treaty Oak Revival brought to Strummers on the Friday night of March 1st. The Texas country rock band is out on the west coast for the first time and sold out the show in Fresno, California.

First off, if you’ve never heard of this band and are looking for some new country rock music, this is the band you need to go listen to.

Treaty Oak Revival brought the ‘Texas sound’, yet rocked a California-style show, with fans as close to the stage as possible singing along to every song. The band has a stage performance like true performers: full interaction with fans, showering them in beer and grabbing everyone’s phone in the front for videos. Lead singer Sam Canty at one point said “he likes to crowd surf”, so he grabbed a go pro and jumped into the wild ranging fans. Some fans may have gone a bit too far, as two scuffles broke out, but things quickly went back to party mode.

Treaty Oak Revival are a fast, high-rising band with a fan base pushing for more.

Formed in 2019 out of West Texas, with a red dirt country sound mixed with rock/punk influences. Their debut album No Vacancy in 2020 was a huge success and started packing in large amount of people to their shows. With these small venue shows, you will experience the true feeling of passion and love this band emits; and, with the popularity rate these folks have, they may need bigger venues soon.

Second album Have A Nice Day was released late 2023, matching the energy of the first! Recently, the band said they are going to work on a stripped-down acoustic EP, so fans are sure to be looking forward to hearing the raw side sound of these guys. Do yourself a favor listen to them, go see a show up close — you won’t regret it. Gannon Fremin & CCREV is an Oklahoma-based country band supporting a few shows on this west coast run with Treaty Oak Revival, who also bring high energy!

Photography by Tre Torres

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