Tribal Seeds lit up Jannus Live in St. Petersburg

On Thursday, October 24th, Tribal Seeds came to Jannus Live St. Petersburg, Florida. As Tribal Seeds ended their summer tour with Slightly Stoopid, they set up their fall tour with two amazing bands, Tropidelic and New Kingston. With these three bands together, it was one wild night that everyone who attended will not soon forget.

Tropidelic kicked off the night by literally kicking, jumping and dancing while playing their instruments. They drew fans in with their laughter and energy and you could not help but join in. This six-piece band consists of Bobby, Derek, James, Pags, Rex and Matthew out of Cleveland, Ohio, whose mix of hip hop styles, metal and funk music create their own unique sound of high-energy hip hop-reggae. They put on a fantastic show and, at one point, came onstage with full marching band gear and rocked Jannus Live, jamming with their instruments and dancing to every beat.

There was so much energy and good vibes in the air that the crowd could not contain their screams of excitement…

Next up was the family band New Kingston from Brooklyn, New York. They were back for their second tour at Jannus Live and, man, did they put on one hell of a show! Their fans exploded with excitement as they danced and sang along with this amazingly energetic band. This family five-piece band consists of Courtney, Tahir, Steve, Kris and Courtney Sr. They started out covering songs from Bob Marley and Earth, Wind & Fire, which inspired them to create their own style of music, mixing a little R&B, hip hop and dancehall into a traditional reggae sound like no other. 

Last, but certainly not least, were the stars of the night all the way from San Diego, California. Tribal Seeds hit the stage. The crowd was ready as they pumped them up with their amazing energy, smoke, colored lights and melodies. This band is known for their spiritually-driven rock roots-reggae music. There was so much energy and good vibes in the air that the crowd could not contain their screams of excitement as everyone danced into the night. The fans went wild when some of the members from New Kingston and Tropidelic joined Tribal Seeds onstage. How cool it was to see these three incredible bands perform together. To top off, a spectacular night Tribal Seeds surprised their fans by playing one of their new tracks from their new record that is set to be released in 2020. All the St. Petersburg, Florida reggae fans and family cannot wait to have three of their favorite reggae bands come back to Jannus Live. 

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