Twiddle & Iya Terra at The Troubadour

Iya Terra and Twiddle hit The Troubadour for their first show starting off a two month tour on Friday, March 1st, hitting the north western states right now. I’m sure you’ve been to a show before where the feeling in the air is magical; that is how it was on this particular evening. These two bands are great compliment to one another, both having a great fan base of their own and they surely walked away with new fans from this tour!

These two bands are great compliment to one another…

Iya Terra had the crowd roaring, energized and screaming for more, especially when they played their recent single “Stars”, leading into a Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing” outro. Twiddle hit the stage next and when they did, happy, dancing listeners sang along while they played two one-hour sets. Interestingly, Twiddle spelled out ‘LOS ANGELES JAMS’ by using a letter that represented each song that they played, starting with “Lost in the Cold” and ending with “Smoke Two Joints”. Twiddle always has fun props too, which give a fun element to the stage. You just might spot one in the gallery! This Twiddle and Iya Terra show was one for the books! Get on out there and hit this tour if you can, for you will not be disappointed.

Photography by Gia Krietzberg

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