Two Friends transports Soma San Diego to outer space 🛸

Real-life friends Eli Sones and Matthew Halper, aka Two Friends, brought their Planet Two Friends Tour to SOMA San Diego, kicking off an epic extravaganza of dance mix mashups and originals for your summer. The tour has an incredible rotating lineup, but San Diegans were treated to sets by Justus Bennetts and Evan Giia. The crowd packed the house early for Justus Bennetts, who played an insanely energetic set of popular songs including a stellar cover of The Killers‘ “Mr. Brightside”.

When Evan Giia took the stage, the crowd was packed in ready for the energy.

The set started with intoxicating vocals, soon backed by hypnotic beats and groundbreaking bass. Evan Giia glided back and forth across the stage, providing a fun, interactive experience for the entire crowd. She called out fans in the front, back, left, right — anywhere she could see into the crowd — calling out a cute ‘fit she loved or some sick dance moves to make the audience feel part of the show. Right before her hit “By My Side”, she called on her audience to facetime any friends who couldn’t make it to the show for a nice little surprise.

Soon, the room went dark and Two Friends were ready to take the stage. The Planet Two Friends Tour came alive as the UFO sound deck lit up with spaceship graphics surrounding the set. The stage poured with smoke and the Two Friends themselves Sones and Halper were up on the UFO, ready to transport us to a new world.

From the first drop, the crowd was all-in for a night of unstoppable movement.

Two Friends isn’t just about two friends onstage, but the room full of friends brought together by their music. And the music was PERFECT. The dance floor popped off through every incredible mix, from Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” to The Beatles to Florence & the Machine to the duo’s original hits “Out of Love”, “Looking At You”, “Wish You Were Here”, and their newest song “More Than Yesterday”. Two Friends are an incredibly energetic duo that you do not want to miss on your summer concert circuit! They will continue touring through the United States all summer long, so there is no excuse to not see America’s biggest EDM act of the year! Don’t miss out! 

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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