UnderOATH headlines in San Diego for the first time in 10 years

Screamo rock legends UnderOATH brought their Blind Obedience tour to SOMA in San Diego, California on Sunday March 26th alongside djent pioneers Periphery and Liverpool natives Loathe to kick off the evening. The show comes just a few short weeks after UnderOATH released their latest single “Let Go”(on March 3rd). Additionally, Periphery released their latest full length album Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre a week later on March 10th and both have been received incredibly by fans old and new. 

When Loathe took the stage, the crowd was immediately receptive and attentive for what they had to offer.

The contrast between the relaxed moments paired perfectly, almost like wine and cheese, to periods of release and emotion exuding from Kadeem France’s strong but clean vocals.

The nearly sold out crowd really began to pack the house, and we said our farewell to our new friends in Loathe, in preparation for some Periphery vision. 

When the guys of Periphery took the stage, the crowd was ready and the guys didn’t waste any time before getting us started with “Reptile” (From their previous album Periphery IV: Hail Stan). The expression of joy was clearly seen in Periphery’s vocalist Spencer Sotelo as the audience sang right along to songs released just a few weeks prior. The crowd kept right up as the band slammed through “Wildfire” and “Atropos” before losing as they closed their set with their hit “Marigold”. 

As UnderOATH took the stage one decade-long member after another, the audience continuously went so crazy I’m sure they could hear it for miles. As the band came to the realization that it had been over a decade since UnderOATH did a headlining show in San Diego! But man, San Diego showed up for UnderOATH! The guys in UO wasted no time and got right down to it with cult classic “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”. Now at this point I’m sure they were hearing us from LA. The energy that vocalist Spencer Chamberlain gives is unlike anything I’ve seen from any other frontman.

The ability to be so incredible hardcore but graceful is truly an art form he has mastered.

The guys continued with an exciting variety of favorites spanning across their entire discography, notably getting “In Regards To Myself”, “Down Set Go”, “On My Teeth” and finally the biggest of all to close it out “Writing on the Walls”. Check out UnderOATH’s newest single “Let Go”, and Periphery’s album Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre where you listen to music if you haven’t already! 

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