Unwritten Law & Authority Zero at Glass House Pomona

On Friday, June 21st, energetic and eager fans packed the historic Glass House Theatre in sunny Pomona, CA in high anticipation of seeing The Last Gang, Authority Zero and Unwritten Law light up the stage.

The three-piece Orange County-based female-led band The Last Gang stormed the stage with a vengeance. Brenna Red, with her brightly-colored hair and her rampageous band kicked off the night. Red’s raspy vocals, accompanied by the riotous and rebellious sounds of the band, rounded out their vintage punk sound. On the heels of their 2018 debut full-length album Keep Them Counting, enthusiastic fans were beyond fired up to see the band live. The crowd packed it in, excited to be in such an intimate venue after seeing the band at massive festivals like Punk In Drublic.

It was a fun-filled evening of angst and elation…

Arizona-based Authority Zero stopped by during their summer tour, following their first self-released album Persona Non Grata. Bringing their skate punk (with a little twist of reggae) sound to the night, guitarist Dan Aid blew the crowd away with his epic skills. Raucous lead man, Jason Devore, immediately took command of the stage, belting out the band’s uniquely crafted lyrics and firing up the masses. With bassist Mike Spero and drummer Chris Dalley jamming away, a rebellious pit kicked up.

Following this year’s Punk Rock Bowling and with their ever-changing lineup, evening headliners Unwritten Law from Poway, CA owned the stage, proving the band is still alive and kicking. Lively fans began singing along as the intensity of the band’s performance grew. Singer Scott Russo and the group interacted with the crowd, as an unruly mosh pit began to grow.

It was a fun-filled evening of angst and elation, as fans connected with the music and their favorite bands. Be sure to catch these bands this summer at a venue near you!

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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