Upsahl ends her first headlining tour in LA

Upsahl’s first ever headlining tour (coincidentally called ‘This is my First Headline Tour’) sadly came to an end in the heart of the sunset strip at Los Angeles’ legendary venue, The Roxy. The show featured an opener who needs no introduction — King Mala. For those of you who don’t know, King Mala is an alt pop artist based in Los Angeles.

I highly recommend giving her a listen if you enjoy this genre of music. 

On a tour that started on September 29th (and now concluded as of October 22nd), Taylor Upsahl proved that she has the uniqueness, nerve and talent to stay in the headlining game! Starting off the show with “Lady Jesus”, Upsahl caused the crowd to erupt into screams as she came out serving a sickening outfit paired with her iconic red hair.

Upsahl’s showmanship was put on FULL display!

I absolutely loved how she gave each side of the crowd attention. No matter which side fans decided to stand at, they were sure to be greeted with a rockin’ up-close experience with Upsahl! 

I truly loved the vibe she presented while onstage; it was completely an ‘idgaf’ attitude, filled with ‘let’s all stop the hate and love each other’ vibes. My favorite photo I was able to capture was Upsahl pointing to her mom: there’s a special sparkle in her eyes that screams happiness to have her mom at her headlining show. Taylor ended the show with her song “Drugs” and the guy next next to me was crying throughout the entire song. I wanted to ask him why the song meant so much to him that it was making him cry throughout it, but I thought it was best to leave him in his own world. Unfortunately, after an impressive setlist, the show came to an end. The good news is that there’s no doubt Upsahl will continue to tour in the future and I will definitely have to see her next show! 

Photography by Omar Solis

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