We Are Scientists has fans thankful for music this Thanksgiving Eve

On the evening of November 22, 2023, San Francisco became the epicenter of a musical journey that traversed indie electronica, high-energy shoe-shaking, and the infectious charm of We Are Scientists in the intimate venue, The Independent.

The night kicked off with a hometown welcome for New Diplomat, San Francisco natives who have recently made waves with their latest single, “Away We Were”. The trio’s indie electronica set the tone for an evening that promised diversity and sonic exploration. The audience greeted New Diplomat with enthusiasm as they kicked us off on a musical journey that showcased their distinctive style and local flair.

Next up was Newski, hailing all the way from Wisconsin. The artist brought a unique blend of humor, high energy, and an intimate connection with the audience. Despite facing budget constraints that prevented his band from joining him, Newski’s solo performance proved to be a captivating experience. Engaging in spirited interactions with the crowd, he became a one-man dynamo, moving the venue with his infectious energy. From high-fiving audience members to sharing anecdotes about his musical journey, including writing music since the age of 16, Newski’s performance resonated with the audience, making it clear that this was not just another concert but a personal connection with each attendee.

Newski’s set took unexpected turns, from a nod to Limp Bizkit‘s “Break Stuff” lasting for a quick 14 seconds to delving into the realms of mental health. His book, aptly titled “It’s Hard Being a Person,” became a focal point, blending mental health awareness with humor in a manner that resonated with the audience. This unexpected yet powerful combination added layers to the concert experience, making it more than just a musical performance but a holistic engagement with the artist and his message.

As the night progressed, the anticipation for the headlining act, We Are Scientists, intensified. The Independent, known for its intimate setting, provided the perfect backdrop for the band’s dynamic performance. We Are Scientists, already acclaimed for their indie rock prowess, delivered a set that showcased their musical dexterity and engaging stage presence. The intimacy of the venue allowed for a closer connection between the band and the audience, creating an atmosphere where every lyric, riff, and beat reverberated with heightened intensity.

We Are Scientists transformed a mere concert into a shared experience, where the boundaries between performer and audience blurred.

The night unfolded as a testament to the power of live music, accentuated by the unique character of the venue and the diverse talents that graced the stage, leaving attendees with memories of a musical journey that transcended the ordinary and a reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving Eve.

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