Windy City Smokeout Music Festival 2023: Day Four

The 2023 Windy City Smokeout Music Festival held outside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, was a celebration of great music and tantalizing BBQ. Over the course of the weekend, fans were treated to an exhilarating lineup of artists and an array of renowned BBQ vendors. As the festival reached its final day, Sunday promised to be a show-stopping finale, featuring performances by Zac Brown Band, Eli Young Band, Larry Fleet, Luke Grimes, Caroline Jones, and the sensational Lauren Watkins.

Sunday proved to be the ultimate highlight of the Windy City Smokeout Music Festival, captivating fans with electrifying live-wire sets. Zac Brown Band took the stage with their signature blend of country and rock, igniting the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm. Zac had the entire crowd nearly in tears when he played “Colder Weather.”

The crowd sang along to every word and it was an extremely moving moment.

 The Eli Young Band delivered a powerful performance, captivating audiences with their heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies. Larry Fleet showcased his impressive vocal range and undeniable talent, leaving the crowd in awe. Luke Grimes displayed his captivating stage presence and brought a soulful intensity to his performance. Caroline Jones enraptured the audience with her enchanting voice and magnetic performance. However, the true standout of the evening was Lauren Watkins, the rising country prodigy signed with Big Loud. Her commanding stage presence and heartfelt lyrics left an indelible mark on the festival.

In addition to the exceptional music, the Windy City Smokeout Music Festival boasted a lineup of renowned BBQ vendors that tantalized the taste buds of festival-goers. Local heavy hitters such as Salt Lick BBQ from Driftwood, TX, mesmerized attendees with their tender and flavorful meats. Operation BBQ Relief, hailing from Kansas City, MO, showcased their barbecuing expertise while supporting a charitable cause.

Peg Leg Porker from Nashville, TN, delighted festival-goers with their smoky and succulent ribs, embodying the true essence of Southern barbecue. Meat Mitch, representing Leawood, KS, brought their unique blend of flavors and innovative techniques to the festival, creating a memorable culinary experience for all. Towards the end of the festival, vendors were proudly hanging “Sold Out” signs from their booths.

Some fans may not have been there for the music at all, and just wanted to eat some of the world’s top class barbecue while they were in the windy city. 

The 2023 Windy City Smokeout Music Festival was undoubtedly a resounding success, leaving music enthusiasts and barbecue lovers alike with lasting memories. 2024’s lineup is going to be greatly anticipated by food and music lovers everywhere.

Moreover, the presence of renowned BBQ vendors such as Salt Lick BBQ, Operation BBQ Relief, Peg Leg Porker, and Meat Mitch added a delectable touch to the festival. The combination of exceptional music and mouth watering BBQ made this event a true celebration of Chicago’s vibrant culture.

As the final notes lingered in the air and the aroma of barbecued delicacies filled the atmosphere, the Windy City Smokeout Music Festival undoubtedly etched its place as a must-attend event for music and food enthusiasts alike.

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