Wonderfront 2019: Day Three

Still reeling from the previous two days, I was a child at Christmas impatiently waiting to open my presents or, in this case, the festival gates. I knew the festival grounds like the back of my hand by now; I had my sets lined up and now I just needed a beer. Local breweries were well represented and one of my favorites, Societe Brewing, was up to bat. Societe’s The Pupil IPA might be the perfect beer for a music festival and couple that with a near-perfect festival such as Wonderfront Festival and you’ve got yourself a winner. I’m happy and that’s how my day started.

All these happy people dancing like they had not a care in the world!

What was missing from my tour the first two days was EDM. Big Gigantic was set to take the main stage at sunset, so I knew that was going to be a must-see of the weekend. And, I was sure right about that. I shot the first three songs from the pit and when I was making my way out and to the rear, it was like I had stepped into a night club — it was awesome. All these happy people dancing like they had not a care in the world! It made me happy to see how music brought so many people together. People I had seen at Pennywise were dancing next to people that were at Migos the day before. This is what it’s all about.

After Big Gigantic, I made my way over to catch reggae legends, Tribal Seeds. This may have been the most colorful stage of the weekend. Bright green, yellow and red glows could be seen from a distance. As I made my way over, there’s a small hump in the middle of the park where you have the perfect vantage point to see both the C3 and Uncle Ed stage. Look right and you catch the sun setting over the Pacific; look left and you’re greeted with the San Diego skyline. I forced myself to stop, sit and take in all the beauty that was San Diego and Wonderfront. As night fell and I enjoyed Lil Dicky and Suicidal Tendencies, I remember thinking that I can’t wait to be back next year.

Photography by Chris Gomez

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