Eclectic Soundtrax Podcast, Ep. 71: Static Limit

Eclectic Soundtrax Podcast, Ep. 71: Static Limit

On this episode of Eclectic Soundtrax, hosts Victor Ramos and Skunk Manhattan chat with Rom and Diana of the instrumental progressive metal band, Static Limit. The south Texas-based group was formed in 2003 by Rom Garza (guitars/synth), along with Jay Juarez (bass) and Mario Rivera (drums). After cutting their teeth playing regional shows around “The Valley” and cultivating a sound incorporating elements of metal, thrash, progressive rock and cinematic scores, the band eventually recorded their debut album A Thing About Machines in 2014. In 2016, Juan Garza was added as an additional guitarist and keyboardist for live shows, while Justin Garcia replaced Mario Rivera on drums. Shortly after, Diana De Hoyos, a longtime fan and musical colleague, auditioned and took over on bass guitar after the departure of Jay Juarez.

After a few teaser singles, the band’s long-awaited second album, ‘Existentia’, was released in late 2021.

The album, mixed at Widowmaker Studios, showcases a variety of instrumentation, techniques and styles, ranging from crunchy riffing guitars and soaring solos to progressive rhythmic juxtapositions and unique synth soundscapes. Check out the play-though video of “Veil of Illusion“!

Rom, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer, grew up in the small Texas town of San Juan in the Rio Grande Valley and began playing guitar at age 13, after being inspired by thrash and death metal bands. He cites influences such as guitar virtuosos Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, John Petrucci and Chuck Schuldiner, but also pulls from a vast list of sci-fi, action and horror film scores. Rom attended the University Of Texas Pan American, where he earned Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. He is also the guitarist and founding member of the TV/film/video game tribute band Sonic Boom.

Born to musician parents in McAllen, Texas, Diana grew up in Weslaco, TX, immersed in music from a young age. She played percussion and guitar before moving to bass to perform in her family’s band. After graduating from high school, she enrolled at the University Of Texas Pan American, where she earned a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Philosophy. Recently, she has been focused on getting her Masters, with a focus on Special Education. Diana has an eclectic pallet of influences, ranging from Dolly Parton to Rush and describes her playing style as “one that feeds off of her bandmates”. Rom and Diana talk about their musical origins, the creative process, gear, writing, drum programming and production, as well as The Matrix, Star Wars, Aliens, Nick Cage, fine dining, favorite Megadeth albums and, of course, Bermuda Triangle bands. Skunk met Static Limit when Runescarred shared a bill at The Hop Shop in Harlingen, TX.

Static Limit links: Facebook | Instagram | Website | Spotify | Apple Music

Photo cred: George Glass
Photo cred: George Glass

About the podcasters

Skunk Manhattan: 

Skunk is a musician, primarily known as the frontman and guitarist for eclectic heavy-rock band A Good Rogering. Since moving to Austin in 2004, he has recorded and performed with a wide variety of bands and solo artists over a career spanning more than 20 years and has shared the stage with notable acts, such as Skid Row, Marty Friedman, Uli Jon Roth, George Lynch and Metal Church among others. Skunk not only works as a performing musician and recording artist, but also as a producer and music teacher. With two decades of insight into what it means to be a professional musician and a passion for not only music, but comedy and general chatter, Skunk was quick to jump at the opportunity to co-host a podcast with longtime friend, Victor Ramos. 

Victor Ramos: 

A Texas native, Victor’s early musical influences are a mixture of classic rock albums played by his Vietnam vet father and a whole lot of ‘the Fab Four’ via his Beatles-loving mother. Sprinkle in some classic country and Motown, and you have a man that would say “¿que?” when other Tejanos would ask what his favorite cumbia was. After a stint in the Marines, Victor moved to Austin in 2000 and began working in the tech industry. He met Skunk in a Spanish class in 2005 and the two discovered a shared passion for not only beer, but music. After years of collectively attending concerts and talking music, the idea to start a podcast centering around such topics seemed like a logical endeavor. 

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