2003 is coming to 2023 thanks to DCFC’s tour announcement

2003 is coming to 2023 thanks to DCFC’s tour announcement

The kings of indie rock Death Cab for Cutie are back again for another tour in 2023, but this one is different.. this is HUGE! Co-headlining the tour is Death Cab’s frontman Ben Gibbard’s long lost project The Postal Service. Thats’s right, for the first time in a decade, Jimmy Tamborello and Jenny Lewis will reunite once again with Gibbard to perform 17 cities across the United States starting September 8, 2023 in Portland. The tour stretches to the other corner of the US at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 13. Yes, you read that right. Gibbard is on double duty performing two entire sets back to back for each of those 17 nights.

Oh Ben, we salute you.

As if this news wasn’t already UNBELIEVABLE (I had to check if it was a prank), the two bands will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of its’ smash hit albums Transatlanticism (DCFC) and Give Up (TPS), both of which released in 2003. There is nothing like going into the show and knowing the exact setlist is an album top to bottom, the way the artist intended us to hear the music. This all comes on the heels of Death Cab’s Asphalt Meadows Tour, which picks back up in January and runs through July of 2023. 

Death Cab has remained steady since its smash his Transatlanticism release, however, The Postal Service has remained pretty quiet since Give Up. The trio had reunited in 2013 to celebrate the decade anniversary with one tour across the states. I won’t forget at the Cleveland show when Gibbard raised his guitar and said “See you on the 20th anniversary!” At the time, we all thought it was a joke, because whose to say what will happen in an entire decade. I just have to say, thanks for coming through Ben!

In a press release regarding the coheadline tour, Gibbard stated: “I know for a fact I will never have a year again like 2003. The Postal Service record came out; Transatlanticism came out. These two records will be on my tombstone, and I’m totally fine with that. I’ve never had a more creatively inspired year”.

Tickets begin on artist’s presale on December 14, 2022 at 10AM local time, with a public release two days later on December 16, 2022. Eager fans are encouraged to sign up for alerts and information on giveuptransatlanticismtour.com in order to have presale access. You can also snag your merchandise early, which is already available on the site. No waiting in line for your shirt! Get yourself on the presale, get your merch, before it all sells out! It will go fast!

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