A chat with Scott Bartlett, co-founder of Saving Abel

A chat with Scott Bartlett, co-founder of Saving Abel

Scott Bartlett, co-founder of the rock band Saving Abel, has made a name for himself through many years and many miles across the globe that he’s dedicated to his craft. The man writes, kills it on the guitar, and — without a doubt — knows his music biz from inside and out. As a singer-songwriter, his legacy continues to persevere with new projects and business ventures.

But through it all, Scott remains humble.

Music came into Bartlett’s life many years ago and still, to this day, he continues to create and innovate. Top Shelf Music had the opportunity to sit down with Scott, chatting about new changes for 2024; there are a lot of surprises coming from the musician! Check out our latest interview with the myth, the legend, the guy leveling up for the future — Scott Bartlett.

So, tell us about 2024 and the changes going on… ?

  • SB: 2024 has been an interesting year so far. Creatively, I’ve been very focused on my brand: music, business, apparel, and all things under the sun. We are just now in the second quarter and I’m happy with how things are going. Scott Bartlett Creations is off to a great reboot, thanks to great management and hard work. Be on the lookout for all things Scott Bartlett and Grind Lifestyle.

As lead guitarist and co-founder for Saving Abel, how does it feel to have freedom to follow your dreams?  

  • With freedom can come hardships. It’s not like I have a weekly salary. At times, it feels as though I clock in and never receive compensation. This is called ‘paying the cost to be the boss’. And, in a constantly changing world, one must keep their guard up.
  • I’ve always said, ‘When playing music starts to feel like a job, it’s time to hang it up.’ I still love music. I still love writing, producing, and performing music. The job part is exhausting, (as in funding, promoting, etc.), but I still love what I do, which means I follow my dreams every day. My ‘WOW’ moments usually come from other people trying to understand what I do for a living. ‘You know him/her?… ‘You actually did that?’. But I still have mountains to climb and people to meet. 

I heard you’re going to be touring like crazy! Where and when?

  • Great question! This is a daily changing effort. All I can tell you is to follow my socials for all bookings. 

Let’s talk about Grind Lifestyle — it sounds awesome! 

  • Grind Lifestyle is me and some [of my] like-minded buddies promoting the concept of hard work and rewards. We discuss the Grind Lifestyle on our podcast, on our socials, and we promote it through our apparel… the mission statement being ‘no one cares, work harder’. We did not coin this phrase, but we live by it and encourage others to do so, also. 

And you have a new song! What inspired it? 

  • My new song, ‘Rock & Roll Me (cowgirl)’, is self-explanatory… just listen to the lyrics and you’ll get it… [laughs]. Many of my fans said, ‘Man, you’re a shredder of a guitar player; put one out that demonstrates that.’ So, that’s what I did. I wrote the music for this years ago; just had to touch it up and remind myself I still kick ass!

Can you tell us about your scariest moments in music and/or most inspiring?

  • Losing a record deal, getting a record deal, chasing a record deal, realizing I don’t need a record deal… It depends on the scenario. Also, being handed a guitar tuned improperly — in front of 50,000 fans — sucks. 

What are some words of encouragement you could give to others trying to make music their career?

  • If you’re a true musician, you’re never the victim. Find a way to make it happen. If not, push paper. 
Photo cred: Tyler Kinert of Lost in the Trees Media

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