An evening with No Kings

No Kings is a band based out of San Diego, California that keeps rockabilly in the reggae-rock scene- particularly with bass provided by Garrison Cyr, and vocals sung by Matt Cook. Top Shelf Reggae had a chance to check out this local band for Reggae Sunday Night at a club called U-31 in the North Park area. Newcomer Slic Entertainment coordinated the night, and another night we happened to check out in the North Park area too, including a show with Black Salt Tone and Natural Incense! These nights were filled with rock music that was blended with that reggae vibe!

We arrived just in time to hear No Kings wake up this mostly youthful Sunday night crowd- not only with their energy, but with front-man Matt’s presentation! Their set included such songs as “Inhale,” “Long Night Coming,” and “One More Pint.” Their sound resonated psychedelic rock mixed with ska music. We did hear reggae tones, but honestly, their rock music carried so well, we didn’t have to search for that reggae vibe, which is probably why Cook said at the end of No Kings’ set, “Sorry, we’re not more roots!”

No Kings

The band projected good vibes, and blended their instruments well

Sandollar is another reggae-rock band who happened to close the night, and since we were familiar with them, we decided to stay long enough to check out some of their modern reggae rock music. The band projected good vibes, and blended their instruments well; especially with that huge Yamaha keyboard! A notable song included the lyrics, “One heart, one soul.”

Find these, and other great local bands (of your area) on social-media. Let’s support local music as much as possible! And, big thanks for tuning in!

Photo credits Jenny Martinez

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