Andrew Rickman and the NoPressure Band takes the pressure out of making music

Andrew Rickman and the NoPressure Band takes the pressure out of making music

CENTRAL FLORIDA’S southern rock, blues and outlaw country band is blowing up like a storm on the east coast as we speak. Their sound is like a cool summer night with guitars, drums and harmonicas filling up the air with so much music one could literally forget their problems. I got to sit down with these gents right after hurricane Nicole swept through our sweet town of Cocoa Beach, Florida. This town has many talented musicians, the Space Shuttle and World Champ Big Wave Rider, Kelly Slater.

That’s just the tip!

For a band that I have only seen about 40/50 times, they never cease inspiring me. They have a loyal and growing following which stretches from the east coast of Florida all the way up to the mountains of the Carolinas and then some! Their country-rock-bluesey ambiance will engage anyone of all ages. I know for a fact one day these boys are gonna blow it out of the water.. c’mon Red Rocks!

Andrew Rickman and The NoPressure Band consists of: Andrew Rickman (lead vocals, guitar and harmonica), Stephen Coats (bass), Bobby Durr (hand drum, percussion), Jeremy Meier (drums, backing vocals) and Derek Castello (keyboard, organ).

I met up with the band over at our hometown Bar “Johnathan’s Pub”  In downtown Cocoa Beach, Florida on a nice evening after the storm hit us. We are were lucky as hell , it sure could have been bad. After some casual conversation, we jumped right in!

Photo by: Paulette’s Pics

When did your band start playing shows together? 

  • Andrew: I met Josh Wagers (well known east coast artist) in North Carolina. We came down to Florida and he showed me around the town. I eventually met Bobby Durr and Arthur John (original NoPressure drummer) and then we just got this going as a three piece band in 2016! Not long after this we also added in Collin and Steve playing bass with Collin playing more of a lead bass roll at the time. 
  • Jeremy: I started playing with them 2 yrs ago. Began filling in for gigs and it evolved from there. 

How did you all get the name of your band? 

  • Andrew: We call it The NoPressure Band because we have a lot of different members that are part of our music family that will play with us from time to time. We are like a huge music family over here. You just never know who might get up here and rock out with us!

I know y’all come from music backgrounds. Can you tell us about it?

  • Andrew: I have toured all over and got to play with so many bands all over the east coast and up to The Carolinas. I’ve been jamming out over here in Cocoa Beach for a few years now.
  • Bobby: I have been playing percussion and hand drums for years! Our friend, Arthur John, introduced me to Andrew, then we started jamming out!
  • Stephen: I started playing the guitar when I was 14 years old. I picked up bass about seven years ago and it was a better fit for me. I started playing bass with the band five years ago.
  • Jeremy: I come from a family of musicians. My grandmother was a pianist, my dad plays piano, sax, and bass, and my mom played clarinet. Since I was born there have always been instruments around. I used to play in a band in the Orlando, Florida scene called “Two Story People”. 

Nice! You guys really know how to put on a show! Tell me about some of the awesome bands /musicians you guys have met and played with along the way!

  • Andrew: We have shared stages with Melody Trucks Band, Isaac Corbit, and Dustin Lee Martin just to name a few. We had plans to tour then COVID hit us hard over here and closed it all down. We did get to tour up in North Carolina before COVID came. We’re getting back to getting on the road again, and already playing a ton of shows here in central Florida and along the east coast. We have also played at Bike Week in Daytona as well! 

Tell us about your new songs and recordings coming up!

  • Andrew: We have recorded some originals with Ben Johnson who is a well experienced producer and songwriter. We are working through some changes and are ready to get this show on the road!

I know you guys have a huge support over here with other bands as well! Tell us about it!

  • Andrew: Love Valley is another band we love to share stages with. Super cool guys that have the same outlook. They made sure we all got work and supported each other especially during and after COVID. Bullet Dodgers are another part of our extended family. The NoPressure family is an abundance of artists, you never know who may show up and play with us!

From what I have experienced and witnessed in all of my years in the music biz, you guys here in Brevard really look out for each other with music. It sure is amazing! What’s your favorite time touring and playing local shows? 

  • Andrew: When I went with Bobby Durr and Isaac Corbitt down to Key West, we met up with the Band of Heathens. They loved our rendition of “Hurricane” and said we could rock that song whenever we want! That felt super good!

Wow, I love that band! I would give a pinky toe to see your band share a stage with those guys! Your fans are so loyal and have such a huge following here in Central Florida. What else is coming up for the band?

  • Andrew: Next year we have a couple of videos we are dropping and some new music!

Where do you see your band in the next couple of years?

  • Andrew: We are planning on festivals for next year, bigger gigs, and touring for years to come!

What keeps you guys going and staying inspired?

  • Andrew: NoPressure is about doing music. We do what we love and there’s no pressure!
Photo by: Soul Focus Photography

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