Ballyhoo! Super Happy Fun Money tour review

On August 7, 2014, Ballyhoo! stopped by the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California for their Super Happy Fun Money Tour. On Point Promotions hosted the line-up which also included Bumpin’ Uglies from Maryland, and San Diego band Project out of Bounds. Top Shelf Reggae made it in time to check out the latter reggae-rock band start the early night with some good songs, including “Darling” and “Your Game.”

Bumpin Uglies shortly took the stage after Project Out of Bounds and woke up the crowd with some rock music. This accompanying three-piece band, also from Maryland, had great feedback from a Ballyhoo! crowd, and why not when these two bands complement each other quite well. Not only do they do so with their music, but with their energy too!


Admittedly, Ballyhoo! was a little bummed arriving in San Diego. Word from the band directly on-stage was they were robbed at one point, and then faced problems with their trailer before making it to San Diego. Top Shelf Reggae couldn’t tell by the way they came out and played their punk rock music with a bit of skanking! Not only that, they played with such energy and humor, we couldn’t tell if it was those bomb drinks they were consuming, or if they were just really stoked to play in a great beach town with a great crowd. Perhaps a mixture of both, but the way Ballyhoo! put down their bass and vocals made their faithful fans jump around like no other. Sure, their bass player is rather new, but we can see Nick Lucera sure knows how to get down on bass.

The band continues their tour in Florida and back up the East Coast. For more information, check out their website.

Photo credit: Jenny Martinez

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