Billy Morrison releases ‘The Morrison Project’ with all-star collabs

Billy Morrison releases ‘The Morrison Project’ with all-star collabs
Photo cred: Jane Stuart @JaneStuartPhotos

Well-known British guitarist Billy Morrison has just released his new album titled The Morrison Project on April 19th through TLG/Virgin Music Group. Morrison’s main recognition comes from his previous position as bassist of The Cult and from 15 years as Billy Idol‘s rhythm guitarist, playing alongside lead guitarist Steve Stevens.

His standing in the music business precedes his inherent ability.

In late February, the first song from the album was released, “Drowning”. Turns out, the song was merely a preview of what was to come! Morrison has composed an incredible 12-song set with appearances from Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, DMC, Al Jourgensen, Steve Vai, Steve Stevens, Linda Perry, Tommy Clufetos, John5, and more. 

“Drowning”, accompanied by Erik Eldenius and Jean-Claude White, offers a thought-provoking, serious metal vibe. “Crack Cocaine” — paired with Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Stevens, and Tommy Clufetos on drums — lands like a classic sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll theme song, but let’s dive into “The Ayes Have It”, featuring Al Jourgensen, John5, and Roy Mayorga on drums.

You can hear Jourgensen’s signature industrial sound shine through, which is too good to ignore!

“Just Like A Movie” combines D.M.C., Persia Numan, and Erik Eldenius on drums: an electronic track, merging rap and rock, and nothing like I have ever heard. “Incite the Watch” (featuring Corey Taylor and Steve Vai) is, in my opinion, the perfect equation of music, while “Mr. Dream ” (opposite Billy Idol and Steve Stevens) is straight-up 80s Billy through-and-through! “Chasing Shadows” (featuring Linda Perry) is the perfect ending to a riveting album, one that exudes deep metal, rock, rap, and industrial… a mecca of audible diversity!

The variety of talented artists included in this solo venture is truly remarkable, all incorporating their unique sounds and styles with Morrison’s creative vision and unadulterated talent. Explore this wonderful trip on all digital outlets today.

Stream ‘The Morrison Project’ album:

Billy Morrison – “Drowning”

Cover photo by Jane Stuart @JaneStuartPhotos

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