Blast off to the 4th Annual Reggae in the Hills

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers, and June bugs flock to festivals. Actually, 'they', as in the general public, don't say that all too much, but maybe 'they' should considering summer isn't quite right without a festival… or five. This upcoming June 12th through the 14th marks the 4th Annual Reggae in the Hills art and music extravaganza – once again occupying the beautiful 80 acres of Calaveras County Fairgrounds in northern California.

This upcoming June 12th through the 14th marks the 4th Annual Reggae in the Hills art and music extravaganza

If you have been an avid RITH enthusiast for the past three years, expect new thrills with the alien theme of 2015. Prepare to question time and space with out-of-this-world stage design and cool props floating around the festy. Not only that, but local artists will abduct your mind with visually compelling works by day and hunt for UFO's by night in the weekend-long camping section. On-site workshops will be welcome to all ages and held sporadically throughout the weekend; vendor booths will sell RITH memorabilia alongside original band merch and art; island-style food will be available during the entirety of the event including a variety of curries and vegetarian options. Three stages are set to be jamming from noon to midnight – with the main two outside and a smaller one indoors; for those running low on sunscreen and wanting to escape the summer heat, the third stage is advertising air-conditioning.

Speaking of jamming stages, let me illuminate on the 4th Annual Reggae in the Hills line-up: Ky-Mani Marley, Don Carlos, Bushman, Kabaka Pyramid, Stick Figure, House of Shem, E.N Young, Sister Carol, Mystic Roots, Arden Park Roots, Indubious, E Honu Iti I, Gonzo feat. Beyond I Sight, Blaze Mob featuring Garth Dennis, Stranger, Megan Combs, True Press, Massive Delicious, Reggae Angels, Dewey and the Peoples, Simple Creation, Pasadena, Black Salt Tone, Da Mainland, and Andrew Blasy. The state-of-the-art sound systems are being provided by Stay Positive Sound and Mountain Lion Sound, not to mention the neon-painted black-lit after-party happening Friday and Saturday nights at 2:30am – with no additional charge!

With a whopping amount of attraction embedded into RITH, it's hard to not have a good time. With that being said, the RITH staff likes to remind its guests that the weekend is moreover about learning, loving and staying safe. Please respect the campgrounds, the fairgrounds and each other. Tickets for the festival can be found at as well as online camping reservations.

2015 Reggae in the Hills lineup

  • Ky-Mani Marley
  • Don Carlos
  • Bushman
  • Kabaka Pyramid
  • Stick Figure
  • House of Shem
  • E.N Young
  • Sister Carol
  • Mystic Roots
  • Arden Park Roots
  • Indubious
  • E Honu Iti I
  • Gonzo feat. Beyond I Sight
  • Blaze Mob featuring Garth Dennis
  • Stranger
  • Megan Combs
  • True Press
  • Massive Delicious
  • Reggae Angels
  • Dewey and the Peoples
  • Simple Creation
  • Pasadena
  • Black Salt Tone
  • Da Mainland
  • Andrew Blasy

Reggae in the Hills 2015
101 Frogtown Rd
Angels Camp, CA 95222 ‎
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Reggae in the Hills 2015

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