California Roots 2016 wrap up

The annual California Roots Festival could easily be compared to the modern day Woodstock of reggae. Three days of peace and music. In fact, Jimi Hendrix infamously torched his guitar on the very stage thousands gather around year after year for this event. But it is still so much more than just that. This festival brings all walks of life together to share something magical that is going down in history as a movement bigger than ourselves. 

As soon as you enter those gates, the good vibes of the music and people take over and all worries are forgotten. You can feel it in the air how grateful everyone is to be in attendance of such an event. It is the best escape from the daily struggles of reality one can ask for. However, the founders of this festival have created a reality of their own, one filled with happiness, love, freedom, art, and of course, music. No matter if you've been once, or all seven years, Cali Roots embraces you and makes you part of a family. 

California Roots

the good vibes of the music and people take over and all worries are forgotten

Cali Roots has hosted some of today's biggest names in more than just the reggae scene. Three of the Marley's have now blessed The Bowl stage, along with Steel Pulse, SOJA, The Green, Nahko & Medicine For The People, Mike Love, Cypress Hill, Matisyahu, and the list goes on. This year we sang along to Bob Marley songs with two of his sons, Damian and Stephen: a truly unforgettable moment. We threw beach balls to Cocoa the tour dog while Stick Figure's sound filled The Bowl with positive vibrations. And we danced to the upbeat sound and inspiring lyrics of Rebelution who closed out the entire festival with a set that was nothing less than powerful.

Cali Roots reminds us to be kind to each other, to be loving to even those who are strangers, and to be accepting of all different types of people. As we return to our daily routines, we must be a living example of the positivity that this festival represents. Not just when we attend Cali Roots, but always. When I think of the happiest place on earth, I don't think of Disneyland, I think of Cali Roots.

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