Catch A Fire Tour 2015 in San Diego

The Catch A Fire Tour featuring Tarrus Riley, Morgan Heritage, Stephen Marley, and Damian Marley stopped by the Cal Coast Open Air Theater in San Diego, California. One of the last few stops on their so-called “family tour”, the two Marley brothers definitely made it known that this tour took years to plan in order to make it as close to family as possible. With guest vocals from Jo Mersa and Skip Marley, sons of Stephen Marley and Cedella Marely, respectively, these men brought the family vibes to authentic reggae music.

It was a sight to see on what could have been a rainy day in Southern California, according to local weather forecasting. Turned out, it was hot and humid all day and night. And, what a night to hear guest singers and musicians from Jamaica come out and bless the U.S. with family vibes music.

Mr. Stephen Marley definitely brought roots, including those vocals passed on from generation to generation.

Tarrus Riley and Morgan Heritage were up to play first in a coliseum style venue. They had to have seen how many Southern Californians were there to support reggae music from Jamaica. Each singer is known for their modern and roots reggae music, along with Stephen “Ragga” Marley and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, two of the infamous brothers and sons of the late and great singer and musician, Bob Marley.

Stephen Marley was introduced by Jo Mersa, his own son. When he called him and Skip Marley young lions, many witnessed they were not so young, but more of adult lions ready to follow in the musical footsteps of those before them.

Mr. Stephen Marley definitely brought roots, including those vocals passed on from generation to generation. The very least we here at Top Shelf Reggae could say about his performance was that it was mesmerizing. The entire show, however, was phenomenal because of the powerful energy displayed.


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May we also add that this Catch A Fire Tour included heavy sets of pure, authentic reggae music. That is because the Marley brothers each had an hour to not only entertain their good-sized crowd, but bring those family vibes. As Damian Marley had said, the audience was in the presence of some true Rastas. If one did not feel those family vibes while in attendance, then perhaps one needs to remember why he or she loves reggae music.

With that said, Ras Damian Marley definitely brought the modern dancehall vibes. Either the sound system was highly-amplified at the theater, or the same backing band was playing in such a pure way that one could clearly hear the skanking guitar and keys, dubbing bass, and one drop beat. A flute and acoustic guitar also added to the entire vibe, along with Dean Fraser on sax at one point.

Indeed, this was a tour not to take for granted, nor miss, particularly when all Marleys and tour attendees were on stage at one time. The tour finished up in Las Vegas, Nevada and then Santa Barbara, California before joining even grander vibes at the Bay Area Vibez Festival in Oakland, California.

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