Christos DC reveals “Be of Knowledge”, feat. Nick Sefakis

Christos DC reveals “Be of Knowledge”, feat. Nick Sefakis

Roots reggae artist and producer, Christos DC, has just released a brand new track titled “Be of Knowledge”, featuring Nick Sefakis. Christos DC has collaborated with some of the biggest names in reggae, such as Sly & Robbie, Don Carlos, Akae Beka and more. Christos and Nick have also joined forces in the past on another track of Christos’, titled “Rise Up”, but are now back with a heavier message and rootsier vibe than ever. The two share a bond over their Greek-American heritage, as well as a strong appreciation for the sounds coming out of Jamaica, which is apparent in the song. 

This anthem comes at the perfect time, when there is so much uncertainty and so many struggling individuals in the world.

Christos explains, “’Be of Knowledge’ was created during the lockdown of 2020. The music was initially recorded by a group from Amsterdam called Skankin Monks; I really loved the track when I heard it and it inspired lyrics about what was happening at the time. I was watching as borders were being closed and laws were being changed all over the world. As I began writing, the words started flowing and, before I knew it, I had three verses written with no chorus. I started to think of artists I could reach out to for a collaboration and Nick Sefakis kept coming to mind. It was almost as if I was being given a message to reach out to him. I decided to listen to my inner voice and gave him a call. Within a short period of time, he had written a chorus that fit the song perfectly. He and I had collaborated on a song in the past, however, I felt this tune suited both of our styles much better than the initial collaboration. I’m truly grateful to Nick, as well as the Skankin Monks, as I feel they are both creating quality music in this genre that the world needs to hear”.

“Be of Knowledge” echoes encouraging, confidence-inspiring and thought-provoking messages out to everyone it reaches. Christos DC and Sefakis also collaborated on a music video for the track, which features the beautiful cliff sides of Malibu, CA. “Be of Knowledge” is currently out on all listening platforms, so be sure to give it a listen! 

Purchase or stream “Be of Knowledge” single:

Christos DC – “Be of Knowledge”

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2 years ago

Give thanks for this review!
Big tune!