Clint Stevens drops “First Place” single ahead of debut album

Reggae-funk band Clint Stevens is gearing up to drop their debut full-length album, offering fans of the Arizona band a taste ahead of time with their lead single “First Place”. A retrospective reggae-rock anthem centering around a relationship gone wrong, “First Place” is danceable, yet dark track — a yin and a yang. But, this seven-piece band has always had a knack for complimentary designs, stemming from when guitarist Clint Richardson started making music with vocalist Steve Rector when they were roommates. Yin and yang. Now seven members deep, Clint Stevens follows up on their 2017 EP The Pinner with Choice Chillington, out soon! 

… “First Place” upholds an upbeat tonality that will have you dancing…

If the album is along the same fibers as “First Place”, then reggae-rock lovers will surely be pleased. The track outlines 20/20 hindsight, as lead singer Rector broods “you should've warned me that you never loved me in the first place.” Perhaps… but how do you live and learn without heartache? Life is a journey, whether the bumps on the road bring about a bunch of flat tires or not. Time heals all wounds and Clint Stevens recognizes that, stating that this isn't the first time a heart's been broken and most likely not the last. However, you have to hope for a better tomorrow, for living without love is more depressing than not loving at all. With a smooth guitar and a slightly melancholic saxophone, “First Place” upholds an upbeat tonality that will have you dancing despite its jaded subject matter.

The single is now available only on YouTube and, as mentioned above, the full-length album is about to follow! Although it's unknown at this time when the official release date will be, Clint Stevens fans and reggae-enthusiasts alike will want to mark their calendars when the time comes. After the band's smashing performance at the inaugural Arizona Roots Festival back in February, it's apparent that Clint Stevens is only going up from here. For more information, visit

Tune into Clint Stevens' “First Place” single on YouTube:

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Band photo by Ben Garcia

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2 years ago

That’s Clint Stevens, That’s Quality