Coming full circle with Kash’d Out & new album ‘Butter’

Coming full circle with Kash’d Out & new album ‘Butter’

Kash’d Out is not an overnight wonder and in no way a one-off. This band works hard to deliver nothing but the best of themselves and their undying devotion to fans has never fallen short of astonishing. Since their highly acclaimed album Hook Up in 2017 (reaching #2 on both the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Charts) and their relentless touring, the group has jumped on the biggest tours alongside the likes of Less Than Jake, Pepper, and more. \

On top of this, their signing to LAW Records has made their music a masterful execution of exploring love, sex, and real-life experiences.

A fun play on relationships, weed, and rock-and-roll ties their music to anyone’s typical day-to-day hustle. This is music you can escape to and leave feeling good. I think this is not too common in music… and more so needed today than ever. Top Shelf has had the pleasure of getting to know the Kash’d Out boys and we can determinedly say that they are good people, with real intentions to strive for success and follow their dreams. 

I personally started listening to them when I watched them perform on Sugarshack Sessions; I was pretty blown away and needed to see them live! I did and was not let down; in fact, I was more surprised by their easy-going vibe when I chatted with them — very relaxed and transparent! 

‘Butter’ is mixed with melodies and lyrics we can all relate to, not too far off the beaten path of most everyone’s.

I believe the band has once again revealed their intuitive, brilliant, yet simple side that gives you such a great listen. The new music has cemented their reggae rockstar status and there’s no going back now. Notable tracks on their new album are “Highway Robbery”, “Dirty Mind”(feat. Pepper), and “Just Friends”(feat. Shwayze) — the latter the frosting on the cake! More songs “Whiskey and Weed” and “Extrasensory” are just like buttery smooth as hell!

I met up with Jackson Hauserman (vocals / guitar) and Joey Borhawn (bass) to see what they had to say about their summer tour, their new album, and the music life! 

Can you give a quick synopsis of how ‘Butter’ came to be?

  • JH: Ill let Joey take this one!
  • JB: Man, are you old enough to hear the answer? 


  • JB: Butter comes from just how we felt about the album. It’s pretty amazing — we found a word that really goes with the album! We’ve known about Butter for a while and it’s been building up inside of us. I guess Butter means ‘smooth’… how the album is. And so wonderful to listen to, a great addition to your day, just like butter is a great addition to your food! 

[LOL] Okay, I like that! What was the recording process like for this one?

  • JB: I think this was smooth. We organized into two separate sections, sessions were more organized. Butter is a 10-track album. The first session, we did five songs and situations… or more of a flow? The second, [we did] the other five. It was great because we worked with a lot of the same people and we learned a lot from the last two albums; we wanted to apply what we learned, especially how we logistically go about even just making it, you know? 
  • I feel like Butter speaks for how we just are honing in on the process. 

You can tell you guys are for sure evolving and not putting yourselves in any one box. Can you tell us about “Extra Sensory”? 

  • JB: Interesting! That was a song we started in 2020, right before COVID hit. We went away and did a writing retreat in Redondo Beach. We had written the instrumental and the chorus and we kind of tabled it. We let it simmer and then we came back to it like maybe two years later. Then we wrote the rest of it.
  • It’s the most, well to me, it’s the most ‘in the vein’ song on the album; it fits in the [reggae] genre. It’s one we will be adding to the live shows and we are all really stoked about it! 

Tell me about “Dirty Minds”. How did this come up? 

  • JB / JH: I think once puberty hit us!

How about a crazy show story?

  • JB: Sometimes, an audience member will throw a phone to Greg [Shields] for him to take a video or for him to take a pic. There were three or four girls near Jackson one night and they all threw a phone up to him and Greg would throw the phones back at them. The girl then threw one back at him… so this happened like eight times! Greg said, “I already did this!” The girls were saying they needed another picture. He asks for the phone and Greg puts it in his pocket and tell the girls they’ve got to let him finish the song first!

How about something no one knows about you guys?

  • JB: Jackson is a good juggler! [LOL]

OMG this is great. Okay Joey, something no one knows about you!?

  • JH: Joey’s hidden talent, umm …
  • JB: I’m a good dishwasher! I’m badass at washing dishes! 
  • JH: That’s boring… He’s really into birds. He can identify birds!
  • JB: I hear a northern cardinal right now… I have soft hands!
  • JH: He has small hands.

What’s your favorite song(s) to perform live?

  • JB: One of our latest singles “Just Friends”. That’s been a lot of fun to perform, especially because it’s such a different sound we are used to.

What music are you guys listening to right now? 

  • JB: I’m listening to a mix of oldies: Otis Redding, old doo-wop songs… also 2000 electronic songs, like “Sandstorm”. I like a lot of classics. And Moby.
  • JH: I’ve been listening to Sleep Token, just heard them and they’re amazing! And Sam Smith. You know the yin and the yang. 

So, what’s your dream tour?

Dream collaboration? 

  • JH / JB: – Jimmy Buffet!

Last words?

  • JH: Please listen to our album! We hope you love it and we worked really hard on it. 
  • JB: Our music is lighthearted and silly. And I’m perfectly happy it being that way. 

Butter was officially released on June 9th and available everywhere now! We were lucky to catch these gents in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where I witnessed them light the night up — truly a powerhouse ensemble. Guys, please, check them out! They are one of the hardest working bands out there!

Stream ‘Butter’ album:

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