Crucial Blend packs heat with “Stoner Love” single

San Diego multifacted (but mainly ska-punk-roots) band Crucial Blend is gearing up to unload their fourth studio album, with two singles already circling the digital airwaves. Following the premiere single “Meanest Style” since their Full Grown EP in July, the Crucial Blend boys are giving fans another taste of the forthcoming full-lengther with “Stoner Love” — a song about the art of smoky seduction. The band is no stranger to the 'strain life', if you will, and smoking weed with your significant other in southern California is more common than not. Skunk's legal here, folks. So, who's to say this natural aphrodisiac isn't an asset to add to your Bumble profile?

… Crucial Blends sets the mood for one hazy romance.

But, Crucial Blend isn't out there for the hit and run (pun intended); the band describes a bond that extends beyond the notorious one night stand. Crucial Blend wants to “wake up in the morning with you”, roll one up and hit the boardwalk around 2pm. With surf-rock riffs and a walking bass, this beachy, funky reggae-rock track describes the ultimate goal of stoners worldwide: to enjoy life while having someone beside you to enjoy it with. And, smoke with… obvi. Blowing smoke rings beats a wedding ring in this day and age. With harmonized vocals, an easy-going tonality and a song full of smooth talk, Crucial Blends sets the mood for one hazy romance. The single, along with “Meanest Style” and the rest of Crucial Blend's discography, is now available on all digital outlets. For more information, visit

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