Damian Marley’s cannabis company is making waves in the industry

With chart-topping songs like “Medication,” on Damian’s most recent solo album Stony Hill, it’s no secret that Damian is a leader and an advocate for the de-stigmatization of medical marijuana. While reggae fans around the globe have been buzzing about this recent album from Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, investors have been buzzing about his publicly listed cannabis company of the same name.

Stony Hill Corp., is a vertically-integrated cannabis company focused on multiple arenas within the cannabis and hemp space. Stony Hill is actively exploring the consumer, health and wellness, recreational, medical, media and nutraceutical industries within the industry, as the company has been proven to have a keen eye for strategic acquisitions.

Stony Hill Corp. is more than just an extension of Damian’s affinity towards cannabis

In the same way that Damian’s recent artistic partnerships and performances with Jay-Z have garnered tremendous attention and praise, Damian’s cannabis company also utilizes a strategy of strategic partnerships and investments to propel it towards rapid growth. From its investment in High Times magazine to a stake in an Israeli medical marijuana testing company, Stony Hill Corp. is proving to be an industry leader true to the Marley name.

Most recently, the company debuted its line of hemp-derived CBD products called Stony Hill CBD. Estimated to be a billion-dollar industry within the next few years, hemp-derived CBD has been exploding in terms of popularity. More accessible than its marijuana-derived counterpart, hemp-based products are available almost anywhere and at a fraction of the cost despite arguably identical health and wellness benefits.

In an effort to democratize access to this high-growth industry, Damian wanted to allow the average investor a chance to get in on the action. While many of the best opportunities in the cannabis space are reserved for high net worth ‘accredited’ investors, Stony Hill Corp. is publicly-traded under the symbol STNY.

With a strategic advisory board that includes an ex-Pfizer Director and more, Stony Hill Corp. is more than just an extension of Damian’s affinity towards cannabis. The company is positioning itself as a smart diversified play on a booming industry, and it continues to gain attention as both the company and the industry grows and develops.

Disclaimer: This article is NOT an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. Investors should seek financial advice regarding the appropriateness of investing in any securities mentioned from their financial advisor.

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