Devo salutes 50 years with legacy ‘De-evolution’ release

Devo salutes 50 years with legacy ‘De-evolution’ release

Some bands stand the test of time… and some are incredibly ahead of their time. Now when the two collide, you have something really special. The enigmatic, odd, and often outspoken group known as Devo has officially been rocking their synthy punk sound for 50 years — yet they remain progressive to this day.

Take “Post Post-Modern Man”: a song that could easily climb the charts today; released in 1990.

And that song was in the latter half of the half century Devo has been rocking! With most bands piquing after their first or second albums, it’s undeniable that Devo has an “uncontrollable urge” to keep pushing the boundaries as long as they exist on planet Earth. (Last statement said with full conviction that all members are, in fact, of extraterrestrial origin.) On top of their admirable drive and duration within the music industry, Devo stands as societal outlaws, consciously commenting on systems long antiquated and/or flogged with errors from the get-go. Standing up for all humans, disguised as synthwave, Devo is a true testament to independent thought, potential, and prowess.

In essence — fight the man, feel the beat.

What would the genre of skate punk be without Devo? Or new wave, darkwave, any wave for that matter? Devo’s pioneering spirit set forth in 1973 put music sub-genres in motion for decades to come. The band — formed by two sets of brothers (Bob and Gerald Casale and Bob and Mark Mothersbaugh) alongside Alan Myers — skyrocketed out of Akron, Ohio with early support from icons such as David Bowie and Iggy Pop and gaining the attention of Warner Bros. Records. By 1978, Devo paired with iconic producer Brian Eno to bring about their debut album, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, featuring hits such as “Mongoloid”, “Uncontrollable Urge” and (arguably the most influential Devo song ever) “Jocko Homo”.

Two albums later, Devo secured triple-platinum with Freedom of Choice in 1980, revolutionizing the world with one single directive — to whip it, and whip it good. The rest of the album is not to be overlooked, though, demanding the world — which was just on the cusp of slipping into the materialistic, yuppie Reagan years — to “use your freedom of choice”. Americans, hear the call and do not conform! Sigh… If only the masses heeded Devo’s call, with a ripple effect through today. We could have flying cars or a fixed (or at least stable) economy. Alas, these sociopolitical motifs were overlooked by the media and lost on the public still dancing to disco.

But Devo didn’t back down, issuing album after album through the 80s and 90s to today.

To commemorate such a momentous career, a limited edition retrospective has been compiled in various configurations in the form of four- and two-album reissues, hitting shelves on October 20th, 2023! The most impressive collection is showcased in the 4-LP pressing on clear vinyl, spelling out D-E-V-O when played from first to last. This super deluxe, extra special edition features not only the four albums on remastered vinyl, but a 28-page book on Devo’s legacy, a poster of the album art, a Devo air freshener (because their music is always fresh???), Devo stickers (great for putting on your upcoming holiday cards) and — what may be the coolest goody of them all — a folded paper red hat. You simply can’t get down to Devo without the emblematic dome hat. And it’s not just the inside goodies you will be impressed by! Upon purchase, the set is wrapped in a folding cardboard box (prominently displaying the hat, of course, in all its regal glory), with a side note proclaiming “50 YEARS OF DE-EVOLUTION from 1973-2023”. Needless to say, every possible detail in this collector set was thought of and executed brilliantly.

The two-disc version will be available on CD and collectible black vinyl, featuring 25 top Devo songs. Fan tip — go through the retail outlets to get your hands on a cool red or blue pressing! And make sure to act fast: both the 4 LP and 2-disc collector sets will be limited to only 3,000 copies made worldwide, exclusively sold at

Mark Mothersbaugh adds, “This box set represents a great cross section of early experiments and later creations. I was looking to create a new sound, a concept in art and music that represented a new way of thinking about life on planet earth. With Devo, I think we did just that. Farewell to the first 50; let’s get the next 50 started!”

Hear, hear! Pre-orders are now available online, with the 7″ version of 1988’s “Disco Dancer” making its streaming debut just for the occasion. And for those in LA, the celebration continues with a special Devo event at the Fairfax Theatre for a screening of A Face In The Crowd on October 17th, hosted by recent Devo partner Brain Dead Clothing. For more information, visit here.

4 LP track listing:

LP One, Side A:

  • “Mongoloid” – Warner Version
  • “Jocko Homo” – Warner Version
  • “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”
  • “Come Back Jonee” – Single Edit
  • “Secret Agent Man”
  • “The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize”

LP One, Side B:

  • “Smart Patrol”
  • “Girl U Want”
  • “Whip It”
  • “Freedom Of Choice”
  • “Gates Of Steel”
  • “Working In The Coal Mine”

LP Two, Side A:

  • Beautiful World”
  • “Jerkin’ Back ’n’ Forth”
  • “Through Being Cool”
  • “Love Without Anger”
  • “Time Out For Fun”
  • “Peek-a-Boo!”
  • “That’s Good”

LP Two, Side B:

  • “Big Mess”
  • “Here To Go” – Go Mix Version
  • “Are You Experienced?”
  • “Disco Dancer” – 7” Version
  • “Post Post-Modern Man” – Macro Post-Modern Mix
  • “Fresh”

LP Three, Side A:

  • “I’m A Potato” – 1974 Demo
  • “Mongoloid” – Booji Boy Version
  • “Jocko Homo” – Booji Boy Version
  • “Be Stiff” – Stiff Version
  • “Uncontrollable Urge”
  • “Gut Feeling” / “(Slap Your Mammy)”

LP Three, Side B:

  • “Triumph Of The Will”
  • “Soo-Bawlz”
  • “It Takes A Worried Man”
  • “Snowball” – Single Remix
  • “Mr. B’s Ballroom”
  • “Going Under”
  • “One Dumb Thing”

LP Four, Side A:

  • “Speed Racer”
  • “Theme From Doctor Detroit” – Dance Mix
  • “Shout”
  • “Puppet Boy”
  • “I Wouldn’t Do That To You”
  • “Bread And Butter”

LP Four, Side B:

  • “Let’s Talk”
  • “Baby Doll – Devo Single Mix
  • “Some Things Never Change”
  • “What We Do” – Single Edit
  • “No Place Like Home”
  • “Watch Us Work It”

Stream 50 years of DEVO music:

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