E.N Young and Imperial Sound show review

On Wednesday May 20, E.N Young of Tribal Seeds and his new band, Imperial Sound, played at Over the Border in Chula Vista, California. A local band, Revival, opened the night for the infamous melodica player and singer.

Revival is an eight piece band from Chula Vista, although some members may have been missing that night. They are known with working with E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studios in Imperial Beach under Roots Musician Records. The band just released an album, titled, Guidance.

E.N Young is obviously well-loved by his fans, although not too many made it out that night. Still, he was quite entertaining and many loved it when he played his melodica while interacting with the crowd. Since it was the first night of his California and Colorado mini-tour, he did have to do some conducting, but overall his band played pretty well, particularly Eric Hirschhorn on horns. E.N Young played well-loved songs, such as “Overpowering Blessed Love,” “Eye of the Storm,” and “Imagine Peace.”

For more information, check out the Roots Musician Records website.

E.N Young – “Imagine Peace”

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