EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: triton. releases second single off highly anticipated album

Scott Murphy of triton. writes about a solitary train ride, hinting at the despair of his life through the window as the landscape blurs and he recalls the last time orchids were in bloom.

Aptly named, “orchids,” Murphy pairs his poetic lyrics with a genre-bending sound that dances within the realm of indie rock, island reggae, and early emo music; contrasting beautifully and symbolizing the human struggle of facing personal demons in a world that continues to prefer the masking of vulnerable emotions.

Originally written as an acoustic song, featuring musicians Tim Payne (Thursday, LS Dunes), Jarrod Alexander (My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio), and co-producer Geoff Rickly (Thursday), the song became the apex of the album Sundown in Oaktown, set to be released on January 27, 2023.

The song begins with a little rumble of the amp and then hits hard with music and lyrics coming in at once. There is no subtlety here. “Morning benders” and “empty bottles from the night before” paint the picture of a tortured soul but the quick, light tapping of the drummer’s high hat has the listener peacefully swaying along. The dichotomy between the two makes “orchids” stand out from most of the other music heard today. Murphy introduces the listener to a nameless lost love that he hasn’t seen since “orchids were in bloom […] back in June.” He apologizes for the mess in his life and his head, recalling the time his nameless lover felt found only to be left alone again. Despite the somber themes of the poetry, Murphy and his collaborators use the sounds of their instruments to make prismatic music in service of human connection and a quest for identity in a world that feels more and more isolating every day.

 “Orchids” is the second single off the LP and is now available on most streaming platforms. Pre-order Sundown in Oaktown now!


sat all alone with my face pressed to the glass 

watched the landscape roll away so fast

the rails were humming this tune 

just like youth, it was gone too soon 

orchids were in bloom 

last I saw you back in June

you were tripping over 

half-read Hemingway

littered across my bedroom floor

along with the empty bottles

from the night before

I’m sorry my place is a wreck 

I just wanted it to match my head 

now I’m alone again in this bed 

staring at the ceiling 

thinking back on when you said

you’re glad somebody finally found you 

opened your eyes to see there’s no one around you

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