“Eye of the Storm” new single by E.N Young

San Diego-based solo artist E.N Young likes to share the stage with Tribal Seeds among other big names, but three years have passed without new music from the melodica-sporting singer, songwriter and producer. On November 18th, Young made waves for his deprived fans by not only announcing an upcoming album on the horizon, but also releasing a digital single from it titled “Eye of the Storm”.

Any fan of E.N Young knows positivity is ubiquitous within his music

Any fan of E.N Young knows positivity is ubiquitous within his music, and “Eye of the Storm” is no exception. The song is a metaphor for never assuming that a little sunshine during a stormy weather means that your troubled times are over – you’re only halfway through. The song starts twice, even with Young stating it as a “false start comeback”, which not only advocates coming back from wherever you started from, but also to continue “moving” into the song. Structurally, the single is layered with so many elements: echoing snare drops, an irregular techno beat, vintage electric piano, pop bubble organ, psychedelic sound effects, calm lyrics and the always expected melodica breakdown. E.N truly pulled out all the bells and whistles to make this little gem.

As a sample of the whole, “Eye of the Storm” blows Young’s potential album sales to unchartered territories. It is unclear when the sophomore album Live Love Stay Up will hit digital outlets; until that day, fans have more than enough to keep their exuberance afloat.

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