Falling In Reverse: reflections from a fan

Falling In Reverse: reflections from a fan

Post hardcore/metalcore band Falling In Reverse is at the top of their game right now, starting out in 2011 and fronted by the most insane man I’ve ever seen take the stage, Ronnie Radke. He’s someone who’d I definitely call a ‘madman’, but in a good way…

The first album, ‘The Drug In Me Is You’, was unexpected.

The first track, “Raised By Wolves”, starts out slow, with the words “I was lost // Now, I’m found”. I’m sustained by the sound: it makes you think it’s going to be a slow song, then it does a 180 and, boom, we hear Ronnie scream. This album really sets the tone for Fashionably Late, the band’s second studio album. Ronnie wanted to try something different with this one, so he tried rapping on the album, while still keeping true to the sound of their initial debut. Turn’s out the rapping was a welcome addition!

My favorite song on Fashionably Late has got to be “Rolling Stone”, hands down. This song has two things I love — rapping and metal. Falling In Reverse even incorporates dubstep into some songs, making the album as a whole even better. This change would continue into later songs, such as the song “Drugs”, featuring Cory Taylor (of Slipknot). The latter is the complete package for any metal fan: it has Cory Taylor of Slipknot; I’m pretty sure Cory Taylor is anyone’s dream collaboration.

The album Coming Home landed right before the single release, “Losing My Mind”. As Falling in Reverse members have stated, they are just doing singles at the moment. It might be a while before we get another full album comes along. The more recent single “Losing My Life” is also wonderful; you will find yourself singing along to this band’s entire catalog, I guarantee it.

The single “Popular Monster” incorporates everything they have ever done thus far.

In 2019, Falling In Reverse went on tour with Ice Nine Kills and New Year’s Day. Once you start listening to Falling In Reverse, it will be hard to stop. There’s not one song I dislike from the band to date. Plus, Ronnie Radke is such an active performer, always interacting with the audience. And, the audience interaction with Ronnie definitely makes Falling In Reverse worth seeing. They are just an overall A+ act.

Maybe we will get some new music from them this year? Only time will tell. But, for now, go listen to the gems that have already been released! Falling In Reverse are playing Welcome to Rockville November 11th through 14th at Daytona Beach in Florida, if you can make it! They’re playing the Sunday date of the festival, which is sure to be a crazy one, so get your mosh pit gear out and get ready for some fun. If not in Florida, Falling In Reverse is definitely a must-see band you don’t want miss in your lifetime.

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Falling In Reverse – “Losing My Life”

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