Five Finger Death Punch gears up to drop ‘AfterLife’ album

Five Finger Death Punch gears up to drop ‘AfterLife’ album

Starting out in 2007, Five Finger Death Punch has been set on world domination and they’ve definitely achieved it. The band’s debut album, The Way of the Fist, put them on the map with songs such as the in-your-face track “Ashes” and my personal favorite, “The Bleeding”, which is about a relationship gone bad. The latter is one of the most hard-hitting songs on the album. Other great songs from that album include “Salvation”, “The Devil’s Own” and “Never Enough”.

Following the success of their debut came the band’s second studio album, ‘War Is The Answer’.

Believe it or not, it was even more hard-hitting, with tracks such as “Dying Breed”, “Bulletproof” and “No One Gets Left Behind”. This sophomore release also went into ballad territory, with the song “Crossing Over”, as well as featuring a wonderful cover of “Bad Company”.

The band’s third studio album, American Capitalist, is my personal favorite, as it upholds the abrasive attitude introduced in the first two albums and goes further; it’s definitely an album for any metalhead. I love the guitar work on that album — it’s really what makes it perfect. Chris Kael expertly knows what he’s doing. But, let’s talk about vocalist Ivan Moody a bit — he’s a monster when it comes to his screaming and singing. When I got introduced to this band via a YouTube recommend page, I literally couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The song I heard for the first time was “Coming Down” — a more melodic song. It’s really incredible what this band can do. The way Ivan tells stories is incredible and he’s not afraid to get personal, either. A good example of that are the albums The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volumes 1 & 2 (both of which came out in 2013).

The band has eight albums to their name, with a ninth on the way!

Titled AfterLife, Five Finger Death Punch has released two singles from their upcoming album for your listening pleasure. I really love the title track, which is very hard and heavy, while the song “IOU” is a little bit more melodic in tone, while still keeping that classic FFDP feel. AfterLife is available for pre-order now, wherever you buy or stream music. The band will be going out on tour this year with The Hu, Fire From The Gods and Megadeth, so get your tickets now!

AfterLife is due for release on August 19th, but in the meantime, you can listen to the band’s previously released works on all streaming platforms, which includes the band’s explosive eighth album, F8. Five Finger Death Punch is taking over the world and I can’t wait for more. I can tell you from the songs I’ve already heard, I need this new album, like, now! This band is set to destroy 2022… truly a band to remember to mark your calendars for, even after all this time.

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Five Finger Death Punch – “IOU” official lyric video

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