Get to know LACI: the next big thing for R&B

WNew up-and-coming Italian R&B/pop artist LACI (also known as Laci Kay) is a young bombshell with a powerhouse of superstar vocal cords. This phenomenal 20-year-old woman finds inspiration from well-known artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Michael Jackson and has performed at several venues, including The House Of Blues, The World Famous Whisky A Go Go, Infusion Lounge, The Spot LA and more. LACI's unique style has gotten her recognized by many industry professionals, including a feature with Common!

LACI's unique style has gotten her recognized by many industry professionals…

After releasing her debut EP Incontrami in September of 2017, LACI then released two singles with Noah Neiman, which accumulated over 500,000 Spotify streams and over 40,000 plays on Soundcloud and counting! One of the two songs, “Long Way Home”, features Laci Kay’s astounding vocals. And, with excitement, LACI states on Soundcloud, “I am so honored to be the vocalist on this track! Looking forward to more great things to come! We are charting in Japan right now!! YAY!!” Another single “GAMES” was released in January 2018, which garnered over 10,000 Spotify streams and 25,000 SoundCloud streams, as well.

Now, this new artist is not just talented in singing; LACI is also in love with acting and has won multiple awards such as a 'Young Talent Award' back in 2013. Her acting credits can also be found on the official IMDb website! Her first big break began at a mere 7-years-old when she played a young Christina Aguilera in the music video “Hurt”. Since then, she has appeared in over 40 movies and television productions, receiving multiple nominations and awards for both film and music! Just a few examples of her accomplishments include the LA Music Awards for 'Best Pop Artist of the Year' in 2015 and nominations in three categories by the Ventura County Music Awards the following year for 'Best Female Artist', 'Best Music Video' (for the song “Runnin’ Free”) and went on to win 'Best Pop Artist' in Ventura County!

In 2017, LACI was nominated for two more awards – 'Best R&B' and 'Best Music Video'. She won the coveted 2017 'Rising Star Award' that same year and is now one of the most coveted escalating artists in the LA area. LACI has also recently been interviewed on ConversationsRadio, a podcast known for their interviews with talented artists. The interview can be found on Podbean. With her latest single “Jedi” streaming high, one can only infer more awards on the 2019 horizon for this hardworking woman.

LACI continues to perform at many venues in Southern California, also appearing in Las Vegas and New Orleans. All in all, LACI is climbing the ladder rather quickly with her talent! It won't be long before she hits the top of the charts and signs with the big major label companies. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing her music booming through the radio either. Be sure to check out her work through these many different music sites and links below, you won't regret it!

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