Getting crazy for The Stircrazies

The Stircrazies are a four-member band with a bass player, guitar vocalist, drummer, and percussionist coming together to create a punk-rock reggae band that will undeniably grab your attention! The band played at a recent show at 710 Beach Club in San Diego, California, and is expected to play at the California Roots Music and Arts Festival this year for their first time! When asked about playing this notorious fest’, the band told Top Shelf Reggae, “Excited doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about playing the 5th annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival… we are bringing our punk-reggae insanity straight to the main stage. Jumps, dives, dips, ducks, flips… who knows what could happen!” The band also shared how humble and honored they are about sharing the stage with such bands as 311, Rebelution, and Damian Marley because all members have looked up to these bands for years!

We're going to share our high-energy punk side of things, and can't wait to see jaws dropping

“We have the unbelievable opportunity of playing in front of thousands of the most dedicated reggae-rock fans in the world. We're going to share our high-energy punk side of things, and can't wait to see jaws dropping while we jump around like maniacs on stage,” the band also told Top Shelf Reggae.

Indeed, this San Diego band is going to bring some ol’ school punk-rock sound mixed with their reggae to the Cali’ Roots Festival scene on Friday, May 23rd. They are playing with fellow North County San Diego band Reeform- a band that also plays great reggae-rock music as noted another time Top Shelf Reggae stopped by to check out music! As for The Stircrazies, their music relates to living life, rocking out, and for singer/guitar-player Kali Kole, interacting with the crowd.

The Stircrazies are offering a free download of their album on 4/20 to get people pumped for the Cali’ Roots Fest. Anyone interested in getting it should contact them via social media. They will also be playing in Arizona that weekend at the Arizona 420 Festival before hitting the Cali’ Roots Festival at the end of May. For more information, visit their website.

The Stircrazies “Relentless Love” official video

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