Getting to know K-Rizz

Love, Knowledge, Laughter, Joy, Loss, Insecurity, Rage, Respect… The list is thorough for this outspoken middle child raised in the ‘biggest little city’ of Reno, Nevada. 
As we speak on the phone, the artist Kris Rodriguez (formally known as 'K-Rizz') and myself vibe instantly, going to work on describing a few of his songs as well as each of his projects' ‘specific styles’. K-Rizz is not one thing and that’s for sure.

K-Rizz is not one thing and that’s for sure.

The 25-year-old is gnawing at the gates that separate hip hop and soul, while maintaining his natural intrigue and comfort in a relaxed reggae/alt infusion. Growing up in a large traditional Mexican family, strong family values apply. K-Rizz feels his heart “opened up” to a more spiritual path after loosing his older sister to an inoperable brain tumor at a young age. During the beginning stages of his adulthood, K-Rizz spoke largely on leaving a positive imprint on the world and the importance of real and raw emotion in a very overstimulated world. Now in his mid-twenties, K-Rizz is ready to spread his messages to the public. “I wanna feel [my music],” K-Rizz states, “be moved by it or what’s the point!?”

Being a current California resident, he has released some songs that are all quite different… putting a large emphasis on going with the flow of things and becoming less of a perfectionist for the sake of art. The single “My Type” is smooth like a cigar and glass of whiskey after a long day at work, while “Diggin The Vibe” is what you bump at the beach when the sun finally sets and you’re feeling the moment you’re in good company.

Always pushing himself above his latest step and staying active with his music in the Los Angeles community, Kris will simply continue to come into his own by growing the vibe he sets and creating the music he shares. With four EPs under his belt, it's only a matter of time that K-Rizz becomes a well-known name.

Anything you want people to know about you?

  • K.R: Yeah, come check out a show and LIVE in the moment with me! The time is now to start living, so see ya at a show and let’s live it together.

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