Getting to know Root Shock

Root Shock is making WAVES from coast to coast. The band formed in 2012 when bassist Bill Eppel and singer Jessica Brown joined forces; their energy surged right from the beginning, as they quickly started to create material. After collaborating and creating their first songs, the two founders were joined by guitarist/singer Phil Grajko.

Root Shock grabs the attention of a diverse audience…

Along the way, there have been a few additions and subtractions from the bands lineup, yet this has not stopped the fans from multiplying. The Root Shock fanbase is described to be incredibly supportive and Root Shock mentions, “They have come along for the ride on every stylistic twist and turn the band has made over the years.” Root Shock grabs the attention of a diverse audience, as the band has created a fusion of musical arrangements. A new single called “Waves” is out now, too! Get to know Root Shock with our exclusive interview.

I love your latest single, “Waves”! How would you describe the creative process?

  • “Waves” came together very naturally and spontaneously. We were in the studio recording the EP, Many Paths. During a break, several members were in the live room jamming over an untitled groove by guitarist Dan Valvassori and bassist Bill Eppel. Phil Grajko jumped into the vocal booth and started humming the melody that would become the chorus of “Waves”. Grajko then took the rough recording home and wrote the lyrics for the song, which became the first duet between him and singer Jessica Brown.

The music video of “Waves” is what really caught my attention and has had great success on YouTube. Who created and directed the video's content?

  • Director Jesse Conti had the idea that the music video should have a very 'live performance' feel, following the more narrative-focused style of our previous video, “Ripple”. Shot in Auburn, NY, the “Waves” video highlights the strengths of each individual member and the unique style we each provide to bring the song to life.

Can you share with us where you draw your inspiration?

  • One of the fundamental strengths of Root Shock is its diversity of influences across its membership. Ask any member and you'll get an entirely different answer. Whether it's reggae, soul, rock, jazz, classical, punk, hip hop, experimental, pop or metal, this band listens to it all — and it shows!

When can we anticipate new music?

  • We've been slowly picking away at new studio recordings and is extremely excited about our next release, but the real magic is in hearing new material at a live show. Root Shock always let's a song find its voice in the live setting before taking it to the studio, so the best way to hear the freshest new songs is when we come through your town!

Any interesting information or stories you would like to share with our readers?

  • We laugh a lot. We're is always cracking jokes and finding humor in the oddest of scenarios. There are so many characters and unique personalities in the group that it always makes things interesting. Our favorite podcast while on the road is Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White (it has nothing to do with nutrition).

Root Shock “Waves” Official video:

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