JAiRUS debuts with out of sight “Groove” single

JAiRUS  debuts with out of sight “Groove” single

A sense of happiness comes over me when I hear songs like JAiRUS’ new single “Groove”. Inspired by classic R&B/soul, jazz, funk and pop, JAiRUS begins with a beat, adds bass and creates a feeling. The classically trained and freshly 22-year-old LA-based singer-songwriter has gifted listeners with a teleportation-like encounter.

“Groove” brings us straight to the height of the 70s funk scene.

Find me sipping champagne on a purple velvet couch in orange corduroy bellbottoms, the biggest hoop earrings and roller-skates, while this epic jam pumps in the background. That type of feeling. JAiRUS proves himself as a true student of music, having studied voice and jazz at The Duke Ellington School of the Arts and obtaining a Jazz Studies degree at the University of Southern California. As a pupil, alongside legends like Ledisi, Patrice Rushen, Bobby McFerran and Kenny Latimore, JAiRUS succeeded in creating a sound that can totally be classified as a “new classic”.  Listeners can feel how he has channeled the immense power of all who came before him. 

“’Groove’ is inspired by one of my favorite periods of music — the 70s. I started with a beat, then added a bass line and I’ve been groovin’ since! I always want to encourage everyone to be their most authentic best selves and stay groovy!” Says JAiRUS.

Growing up singing in church, JAiRUS has music deeply embedded in his soul.

He says his  goal is to create a space for everyone to be their best selves with each song he creates and “Groove” does just that. With these life experiences and a natural knack for sonic strength, JAiRUS is able to make music that seamlessly nods to the rich history of funk and soul, while simultaneously influencing a new generation. “As for me, an old soul, I wanted to make a new classic,” JAiRUS continues. “When people hear ‘Groove’, I want them to not only feel groovy, but transport them to their happy place.” 

The single has this nostalgic quality and feel-good sound throughout. With a rich creamy tone, a silky smooth soundscape and a nostalgic nod, JAiRUS sets a mood that propels the past to the present. It’s funny how music has this magic ability to transport us to another space in time so vividly… even an era we may not have even been alive for. With the right song or album, we envision it precisely, like we’re there. For this Top Shelf writer, good music combines the past, present and future, and keeps us in touch with our imagination. Bravo, JAiRUS — it’s not an easy feat and I cannot wait to hear the forthcoming EP in its entirety! Listen to “Groove” now on all major platforms and follow JAiRUS for updates on his forthcoming EP release. 

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JAiRUS – “Groove” official video

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