Kash’d Out drops “Weed Man” single feat. Edley Shine

Florida reggae-rock band Kash'd Out is following up on their February single “Good At Gettin' By” with “Weed Man”, an ode to… well… the weed men of the world. Off LAW Records, like the band's debut album, the single features the talents of Edley Shine (of Born Jamericans) and addresses the fact that — albeit legal in some places — not all of America has jumped on the legalization train. Weed dealers still exist! Currently, 10 U.S. states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, while 34 have passed bills for medical use only. The march for marijuana is there, yet there is still a long ways to go.

Kash'd Out's “Weed Man” stands as a tribute to the herbal soldiers fighting the good fight…

What's special about this single is that it coincides with Kash'd Out's Sunshine State's decriminalization, a bill that passed several years prior. Florida citizens voted in favor of medical marijuana in 2016, yet the governor delayed its instigation, declaring any marijuana use a criminal offense. Fast forward three years and the bill to decriminalize finally launched into effectiveness as of March 15th. A step forward, yes, yet Florida residents still have to jump through hoops to gain a legitimate medical marijuana card in order to frequent the few dispensaries that have popped up over the past month. Good thing your friendly neighborhood weed dealer isn't going anywhere… at least not for the time being.

Despite Florida hopping on the 'weed for the public' campaign, some states still label any marijuana use or possession as a felony offense. We're looking at you, Idaho. Thus, Kash'd Out's “Weed Man” stands as a tribute to the herbal soldiers fighting the good fight out in the red state trenches till this pointless battle against weed is rendered outdated. To be honest, your weed dealer is reliable, there when you need him and “always got the fire on deck” according to Kash'd Out. Cheers to you, brother! With horns in the chorus and a cool guitar leading into the second verse, the track switches back and forth from Edley Shine (the self-appointed 'weed man') and Kash'd Out lead singer Greg Shields. Shine's deep, bassy voice contrasts with the sopranic vocal range of Shields in such a way that it instills harmony: a yin and yang of weed transactional symmetry. The weed dealer appreciates the business, the stony consumer appreciates the product. And, not only that, but the act of weed dealing embodies a personal element to it; when a dealer comes to your door (or vice versa), you bro down with him. He is your homie. Lest we forget this business has a humanitarian side… something which should be kept in mind when the industry transcends over to the corporate world. Dispensaries selling legal weed is great, but the relationship between stoner and dealer is one to be cherished. It's getting more rare by the day.

Kash'd Out celebrates the release of “Weed Man” with a 'Twas The Night Before 420 show in their hometown on, you guessed it, April 19th at The Abbey. Whether this single and its predecessor are paving the way to a new album has yet to be disclosed by the band. Let's hope so, since Kash'd Out is pumping out mucho fuego! For more information, visit the links below or www.kashdout.com.

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