Kid Hastings shines in indie pop “Backwards” single & new video

Kid Hastings shines in indie pop “Backwards” single & new video

If his hiatus-ending single “Call Me Up” didn’t catch your attention, Kid Hastings is sure to draw you in with his newest indie-pop anthem, “Backwards”, released on February 24th. Entirely written, performed and self-produced in his own bedroom, this latest track is the first release from the LA-based singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP via Ourros.

“’Backwards’ is about figuring someone out…”

Kid Hastings describes the single, “’Backwards’ is about figuring someone out. They can drop hints here and there at their motives, but can you ever really be sure you know someone? This song details the uncertainty I had with someone I was in love with and features an ultimately carefree and awe-struck hook.”

The song also features a bold blend of the famous tune “Cherokee” by legendary jazz musician Ray Noble, adding an incredibly strong level of nuance while exploring themes that have become popular among artists today. This, all the while executing a defining and unique sound that sets this young, bleach-blond-haired pop virtuoso miles apart from the rest of the pack. 

Born Jake McEvoy in Hastings, England (although raised in New Jersey), the journey this self-described “reformed theatre kid” has traveled to become a solid force in indie pop music is proving to be well worth it. Refusing to let anything get in the way of achieving his goals and remaining truly in control of his art, McEvoy has mostly been taking advantage of the time the pandemic has granted him… mainly spending time with loved ones and educating himself on the injustices that plague our society. He thus uses that gained understanding to continue spiraling down the well of writing more personal, intimate and original music. Let us just say that that time served him well!

The delivery of “Backwards” is spot on: its fluidity and display of self expression speaks to Hastings’ flair for sheer musical prowess, comfortably created from the familiarity of his own room.

“Backwards” is a definitive showcase of just how impactful simplicity can be. It highlights how someone can struggle through the vulnerability that comes with being in a romantic relationship. Diving deep into the realms of egocentrism and opportunism, the track is cloaked in a postmodern shroud. The lyrics of “Backwards” excellently drive home the concept of uncertainty, creating an inner tug-of-war in the listener’s mind about what to do, how to think or how to feel. It’s enough sometimes to send your own mind backwards and drive you crazy.

Taking advantage of the title of the track, Kid Hastings came up with a fitfully brilliant plan for the accompanying music video that would not only call on his discipline as an artist, but also on the help of his oldest childhood friends. With no budget to speak of, McEvoy sets out to teach himself the entirety of the song in reverse order to film the music video… well, “Backwards”. With the final result being a fantastic showing of a shifting identity, the determination that went into filming such a simple project again brings back the importance of overall simplicity and getting by with less. Sometimes, simple willpower is all that is required to achieve a goal. Kid Hastings is most definitely achieving his. “Backwards” is available for listening and viewing now, and be sure to follow his socials for news about upcoming projects!

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Cover photo by Eddie Mandell & Aamir Khuller

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