Local Nomad releases electrifying “On & On” single

Local Nomad releases electrifying “On & On” single

Rising east coast star from Long Island, Local Nomad (aka, Michael Desmond) is back once again and, this time, he’s bringing back a throwback! From his immense love and passion for playing the guitar, “On & On” was recorded at Zin Records in New York and written 12 years ago at the young age of 19, with influences from Phoenix and The Killers. It’s an electrifying, energetic and alternative rock anthem that will make you resonate in a way that you’ve never felt before.

With its lively rhythm, “On & On” is just a small part of Local Nomad’s astonishing music collection that he continues to pull out of his magical hat.

Local Nomad — who is currently signed with Joyride Music Group — knows exactly how to create satisfying and feel-good music like you’ve never heard before. He is more passionate and motivated as ever to prove to everyone that he is ready to rock our worlds. Catch me cruising down Mulholland drive in my ’98 Toyota Camry: volume on full blast, hands out the window, hair swaying in the cool wind and feeling that freedom of losing yourself in the moment with this banger. With its clean, carefree and polished guitar solo, you’ll be sure to be begging for more.

“I used to write a lot of songs based purely on instinct, but If I had to put a meaning to it, I’d say this song is about trying to make it as a band in your early 20’s,” Desmond comments.

Also recently released from Local Nomad was “Billy Joel (NY Lullaby)”: a 2020 pandemic ballad that was made during those isolating times living in the beautiful state of New York, while feeling lost and watching your own homeland fall apart. New York City, as we all know, is a place that never sleeps. But, in 2020, that wasn’t the case. Laying down, staring at the back of my eyelids and disappearing into this sorrowful ride of mellow tones… there is nothing like sitting back and listening to a musician’s perspective during a time when we needed it the most.

“I’ve been a New Yorker my entire life and one thing that has always united New Yorkers is the music of Billy Joel, so I wrote this as a tribute. This is my ‘New York Lullaby’,” Desmond asserts.

The new sure-to-be-a-smash hit single “On & On” is currently out everywhere on all digital music platforms. And, if there’s anyone craving for more of this magic, I can guarantee that, the next thing you know, you’ll be seeing Local Nomad rocking out at your local music venues worldwide.

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Local Nomad – “On & On”

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