Meet rising country star Seth Michael

Meet rising country star Seth Michael

Rising country star Seth Michael is currently making waves with his new single “She Got A Thing” — his fifth recorded work since his 2019 start. Although new to the scene (relatively, considering the forced COVID break), Michael is far from novice with his sound.

If you’re a fan of classic country with modern twists, Seth Michael is one Nashville name you need to know.

With so much on the horizon for this young country singer, we at Top Shelf Music were overjoyed that Michael had a moment to chat with us. Here is what he said on his latest single, his journey thus far and what’s to come.

What are your main influences, as you continue to build your sound?

  • SM: My style is modern country/pop country. My main influences are Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Ryan Hurd and Marc Broussard.

Your latest single “She Got A Thing” was featured on CMT! Did you freak out?

  • When my song got on CMT, I was at a writer’s retreat and we all celebrated and wrote some more hit songs to keep the ball rolling. I was very, very excited. I can say one of my life goals has been accomplished.

Being 19, how does it feel to be one of the main country music up-and-comers, especially based out of Nashville?

  • Being a main up-and-comer in the country scene is still something I’m working on. I wouldn’t tag myself as that quite yet. I’m a twinkling star in the industry; I haven’t quite emerged in front of everyone’s eyes yet. I’m still busy grinding out the first hard part of my career, which is trying to network and create my fan base.
  • That being said, being placed on CMT is hopefully my breakthrough. Moving to Nashville was smart for me. I moved right when COVID-19 came about, so I learned how to live on my own, first of all, but, second of all, in a pandemic. It definitely made me stronger and more ready for the future that waits before me in the industry.

So, what is next for you?

  • I am currently writing my debut album and am so excited to see what’s next for my career. My writers and I have some great songs in the works! I’m playing a lot of shows and am always plugging them on my social media, so make sure to keep up with me there! 

Purchase or stream “She Got A Thing” single:

Seth Michael – “She Got A Thing”

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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